Visit Maiori: Stay in the Town with the Longest Beach on the Amalfi Coast

The Greater Queen of the Amalfi Coast

Maiori is a coastal town situated on the Amalfi Coast. It’s the bigger one between the two sister towns, Maiori and Minori

In ancient times, Maiori’s name was Regina Maior. Which translates to “the greater queen” in English.

 It’s also the largest coastal town along the Amalfi. Maiori has the longest beach and walkable promenade along the Amalfi Coast.

Many historical buildings in the center were destroyed by the flood in 1954. Compared to other villages on the coast, Maiori may appear less characteristic. But only at the first glance. If you take the time to explore, you will find plenty of charming alleyways in the hidden corners of the town.

The city has two main axes: The lively Corso Regina, and the walkable seaside are the hubs of social life.

Corso Reginna

On the Corso Reginna, you will see a variety of shops, gathering for both locals and tourists. Restaurants, Mini markets, and butcher shops, alongside little boutiques and bars.

The Seaside Promenade

The promenade has cocktail bars, ice cream shops, and many restaurants. Also, seaside restaurants, called “lidos” in Italian.

On the seaside, locals and tourists can enjoy an evening walk. There are always stalls selling granitas and ice cream during summer.

What to do in Maiori? 

Beaches and Beach Clubs:

The Main Beach of Maiori 

Maiori boasts the longest seaside among the Amalfi Coast villages. The beach in Maiori stretches almost one km long.

During the season, the beach fills up with sun chairs, which you’ll need to rent from the local beach clubs. Yet, there is also a section of public beach where you can stay with your towel for free.  

The beach is sandy, but it’s volcanic sand, so don’t expect white, Caribbean-style shores.

Acqua Chiara Beach

The beach cove of Aqua Chiara is just before the entrance of Maiori, coming from the Salerno direction.

Acqua Chiara Beach from above. Maiori, Italy.

How to reach it from Maiori?

You can walk on the main road to reach this splendid little shore. After you pass the Norman tower, you will come across little steep steps going down. This is a romantic, more secluded style beach. A short shore, between rocky rugged coastline.

There is a lido here renting out sun loungers if you want to be comfortable, but there is also a spot to enjoy a swim for free.

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The Dead Horse Bay

Not far from Maiori There is the Baia del Cavallo Morto.

In English, the name translates to “Dead Horse Bay”. Although the name may not suggest it, but this is one of the most beautiful beach coves of the entire Amalfi Coast. You can admire this little paradise from above the road, but it is only reachable by sea.  So if you want to visit, you must arrive by boat or kayak.

What to do in Maiori?

Rent a kayak:

Renting a kayak in Maiori is a must-do activity if you want to explore the coastline. Join a kayak tour or rent one by yourself if you feel confident. It’s a fantastic way to explore the surrounding coastline and secluded shores.

Apart from the splendid Dead Horse Bay, there are numerous caves and grottos nearby. They are reachable only from the sea. Pandora Caves is famous for its beauty and its close to Maiori.

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Walk on The Lemon Path:

In Maiori, you can start the popular Lemon Path towards Minori.

It’s approximately 1 hour and a half walk. You will hike on an ancient footpath that connects Maiori to Minori.

The path is alongside the hills. You will enjoy a fantastic panorama and a sneak peek at local lemon grooves.

You must climb some steps upwards, and later on downwards, to Minori, but otherwise, it’s an easy walk on a paved road. The road is suitable for only pedestrian traffic, so you don’t need to worry about traffic.

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Hike in the surrounding hills and mountains:

The Medieval Castle of San Nicola de Thoro-Plano

Walking on the Corso Regina, you will see a medieval structure at the hilltop above the town.

The castle above Maiori commonly called as Castello de Thoro Plano. You can walk up to the castle and enjoy a great view. Due to the advanced age of the owner, sadly the castle is not accessible to visitors anymore.

The walk up the castle is well-signed, along some steep steps. To reach the castle takes around 1 hour from the center of Maiori, depending on your speed.

The Sanctuary Madonna dell’Avvocata

You may spot the silhouette of a church Above Maiori. Atop a very high mountain is The Sanctuary Madonna dell’Avvocata.

Visiting the Sanctuary requires a full-day hike.

The Sanctuary Madonna dell'Avvocata above Minori.
Image taken from the mountain peak above the church. Little church in high elevation. The sea behind, the view of the coastline far away, and the town of Maiori partially visible far down.

It’s at a high elevation: 866 meters above sea level. The path, though steep, is also a very rewarding trek. 

After climbing some steps, you will follow a footpath. Crossing by lemon groves and vineyards. And enjoying fantastic views of the Amalfi Coast. The second half of the hike is through Mediterranean scrubland and in a forest. Along the path are plenty of picnic areas, where you can stop for a break. 

Walking up to the church takes approximately 3 hours.

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Other places of interest in Maiori:

Visit the Church of Santa Maria a Mare. The church is located at the beginning of the Lemon Path. The church also has a Museum of Sacred Art.

The Mezzacapo Palace is the town’s mayoral office. Part of the complex is an impressive little park with fountains and benches to relax. 

The iconic landmark of Maiori is the Mezzacapo Castle. It’s up high on a hill by the sea, above the road to Minori. This is a privately owned hotel not visitable by the public. Don’t confuse it with Palazzo Mezzacapo, which is the town hall on the main street (Coso Reginna).

Maiori, the view of the harbor, with the Mezzacapo Castle above the Hill

The Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro has a splendid botanical garden. The garden displays a variety of cacti plants.

Try local foods and delicacies.

Maiori is famous for its pastry tradition.

Try “Sospiri”: delightful round sweets with cream between sponge cakes. These little treats are classic to the Amalfi Coast. The best place to try them is undoubtedly the Pasticceria Trieste. This historic pastry shop has been open since the 60’s. And the trusted pastry shop of locals.

Another classic of the Trieste pastry shop is the “Pastarelle di Mandorle”. You can choose between a variety of flavors: Almond, lemon, coffee, pistachio…etc

The nearby Tramonti area is famous for its cheese-making.

Best’s are Mozzarelle, Fior di latte, and ricotta. Cheese from local producers are available in most shops in Maiori.

The herbal liqueur called Concerto is another typical product of the area.

The ancient recipe originates from Tramonti. It’s an aromatic digestive liqueur, popular throughout the Amalfi Coast. Ask any restaurant in Maiori after dinner if they have it to try. Or you can find it in the local shops.

Best places to Eat and Drink in Maiori

Osteria & Pizzeria dell’Olmo

For dining, try Restaurante dell’Olmo. We ate here 2 times in a row during our weekend stay in Maiori. I had a very good Tuna steak with black sesame.

They also serve pizza. Gluten-free pizza is available too. They make their own gluten-free pizza dough. Of course, it’s much much better than the frozen ready-made bases.

Pasticceria Napoli

This is one of the town’s historical pastry shops. Located in the heart of the Corso, with outdoor seating.

Pasticceria Napoli is the best spot to start your day if you stay in Maiori. For breakfast, enjoy a creamy cappuccino with fresh croissant in true Italian style. They offer fantastic cakes and desserts. So it’s ideal for afternoon tea too.

o Barão Brasilian Bistrot

If you’re tired of the Italian breakfast, try this place.

They serve English-style and continental breakfast. Also, Burgers and fries are available during the daytime. Need an escape from the Italian kitchen? If you crave to eat something more international, then this is your place.

They have gluten-free burgers and fries too.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t try it as we went too late in the evening. And the next time we wanted to have breakfast, the restaurant was closed on easter Sunday. But the B&B owner recommended it to us, so it must be quite good.

And if you’re in Italy, you already know how difficult is to find a place that serves English breakfast. So this must be a true gem!

La Tramontina cheese shop

Situated on the beginning of the Corso Reginna, on the left side coming from the sea.

The neighbouring village of the Amalfi, Tramonti, is well-known for cheese production.

The shop sells high-quality local products and also serves sandwiches. They even have tables outside. A great place to try local products and have a quick bite during the day.

If you love cheese, you will love this place. Try the stracciatella, a creamy fresh cheese. Or the Provolone del Monaco if you prefer a stronger taste.

How to get to Maiori?

By public bus:

Take the Sita bus from Salerno to Amalfi. The bus leaves from the front of the train Station. It takes around 50 minutes to get to Maiori. The ticket cost 2,40 euros.

More info about Public bus lines on the Amalfi Coast here

Or you can take the ferry from Salerno.

The ferry leaves from the pier near Piazza Concordia in Salerno. This is only a short walk from the train station. To reach Maiori by ferry, and the journey time is approx 35 minutes. The ticket is 10 euros.

More info on ferries along the Amalfi Coast here

Where to stay in Maiori:

Swimming Pool at the Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro, Maiori, Amalfi Coast.

Around Maiori

Visit the neighboring Minori

You can either walk the Lemon Path or take the coastal road. But walking on the Amalfi Drive is the shortest way to get to Minori from Maiori. Although the road doesn’t have a sidewalk, many people choose to walk here.There is a traffic light in the section, between the villages, so traffic only moves in one direction around the curve. There are several balcony-like spots and even benches on the roadside to enjoy stunning views. 

Visit Amalfi

  • You can either take the Bus or ferry.
  • The journey between Maiori and Amlafi by bus takes around 30 minutes
  • The bus costs 1,50 Euro.

Visit Positano

To get to Positano,

  • You must change buses in Amalfi.
  • Or you can go by ferry

But going by ferry also involves a change in Amalfi. During high season, take the ferry if you can. Ferries are much quicker and more reliable than the buses.

The ferry journey from Maiori to Positano takes around one hour. With the shortest connection you will reach Positano in 45 minutes. And with a longer changing time around 1 hour and 20 minutes. The ferry ticket costs 15 euro one way per person.

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