Capri, Italy: Review of Best Hotels to stay with swimming pools

Are you planning a trip to Capri? If you are looking for the perfect hotel on the Island of Capri, I have some detailed hotel reviews for you.

If you like amazing views and swimming pools, you’ve landed in the perfect spot! On my latest trip to Capri (2023 October), these two things were on my mind when I chose our accommodations!

During our week on the Island, we stayed in multiple hotels. And took a ton of pictures too! So I can review the hotels and share my firsthand experience with you in this blog post.

Let me present you with three exceptional options for your Capri trip.
Although each of the 3 hotels has its own style – from a luxurious boutique hotel to a quiet B&B in the woods and a grand hotel filled with charm and history – They all have two things in common: panoramic views and cool swimming pools!

The panoramic terrace of Hotel San Michele in Capri. White fence, with a white table and chair, on terracotta terrace. Near the table there are red flowers in a pot. The Island of Capri and the Sea behind.
Panorama terrace in Capri, a scene that looks like straight out of a movie!

And if you’re still undecided after the reviews, where to book your stay? Toward the end of this post, I’ll share some true gems I stumbled upon during my research.

So let’s see some of the best hotels and accommodations in Capri!

I am not good with building up tension, so I will spoil my absolute favorite right away!

Hotel room key at La Floridiana in Capri. Hand holding it. The white bed with blue pillows are out of focus in the background.

Hotel La Floridiana in Capri

4 Star Hotel with a rating of 9.1 on

This 4-star boutique hotel is centrally located in Capri, making it an ideal stay for exploring the island. Of course, it has a fantastic pool, and most rooms offer a sea view. The breakfast and bar area has a neat balcony with rows of tables. Here, you can enjoy the (pretty fabulous) breakfast with the sea and the pool in the background. Some rooms even have private hydromassage pools.

Image Collage from pictures I have taken during my stay at Hotel Floridiana in Capri, Italy. 5 Images over light blue background. 1: Cappuccino and egg Benedict served at breakfast in the hotel. 2. Me going out to the balcony. 3. View of the private hydromassage pools on the balconies of the hotel, from above. 4. View of the swimming pool and sun deck from above. 5. The breakfast table and the swimming pool behind.

Check-In experience:

Easy to find, only a short walk from the center of Capri. They send you all the details before your arrival on Whatsapp. The welcome drink with biscuits made the checking experience smooth and pleasant.

Review of the Rooms:

The hotel offers various options with different price ranges. The truly luxurious rooms all have a private pool on their terrace. These rooms also have the best designs, with hand-painted colorful tiles in true Mediterranean style.

The more affordable rooms are still spacious, with balconies overlooking the sea and the pool. Our room fell into this category (thanks to the free upgrade we received upon arrival!). It’s significantly larger than many of the classic hotel rooms. 

The room has a comfy king-size bed, a couch with a table, and plenty of mirrors to check your outfit before heading out for dinner in Capri.

The bathroom is equipped with a bathtub. Toiletries and slippers are provided.

The terrace overlooks the sea and includes sun loungers. So you can enjoy sunbathing from your private balcony.

Of course, the room has a mini-bar filled with water, sodas, sparkling wine, and some snacks.

Budget rooms are also very nice, but smaller. And even if they don’t have a sea view, they still come with a spacious and cozy terrace or balcony.

Room in hotel Floridiana, Capri. Comfortable looking bed with 2 blue pillows.


Villa Floridiana has a decent-sized pool. The swimming pool is stunning: The pool’s floor is made of sparkly glass mosaic, arranged in floral shapes. They shine through the turquoise water. It’s Insta-perfect and very fun to swim in. 

There’s a poolside bar, and the bartender is super attentive, checking if you need anything while on the sun beds. The hotel’s poolside is perfect for lounging and relaxing during the daytime when the centre of Capri is way too busy to explore. There’s also another additional sundeck with even cozier sun loungers at a lower level.


The breakfast is a combination of a buffet and à la carte, included free in your stay. 

The buffet was good, although not extravagant in variety. But honestly, in Italy, I’m already happy if I’m presented with more than one type of cheese and ham in the morning (As the usual Italian breakfast is more sweet than savory). Especially in Southern Italy, you will find many different cakes and sweets ( and sweets, sweets, and more sweets), served in the morning. Often neglecting continental options. Hotel La Floridiana has a good selection of savory food for breakfast, using some ingredients of the local Italian cuisine, like ricotta cheese. The buffet includes croissants, cakes, jams, and quality yogurts. Other than the buffet, La Floridiana offers a great breakfast menu. You can choose between salmon and avocado sandwiches, omelets, eggs alla benedict…etc. The cappuccino was fab too. 

Now, if you’re reading my blog, you probably already know I have gluten intolerance, and Hotel La Floridiana has great gluten-free options for breakfast. The gluten-free toast bread was fantastic, and I’m happy I got to know this brand; I’ve even incorporated this gluten-free toast bread into my daily breakfast routine back home (just to be clear, not the exact piece from the hotel – I found the same brand at a store near my place).

As mentioned above, the sala has a long balcony with many chairs, so you can eat your breakfast outside with the sea view.

For Whom I Recommend This Hotel?

The accommodation is perfect for first-timers in Capri, as the hotel staff will “brief you into the island”. They will be happy to assist you in arranging a boat trip and showing you on a map where to go and what attractions to visit during your stay in Capri. It’s the perfect choice if you’re seeking central accommodations in Capri, as it is only a 10-minute walk from the Piazzetta (the main square of Capri where all the happenings are happening).

Conclusion, Things to Note, and Prices:

Most of Capri’s center is pedestrian-only, so you have to walk to the hotel from the funicular stop. Pack lightly. Otherwise, the hotel offers a luggage porter service from Marina Grande for an additional 10 euros.

The hotel falls into a sweet spot that most would consider affordable luxury. Although, in the high season, it can get a bit pricey, but that’s pretty much the case everywhere in Capri. What you will pay, depends on your choice of room mostly. Good news, if you’re looking for a room with a private pool, La Floridiana has many available

Check the availability and prices for Hotel La Floridiana here.

The hotel staff is friendly and attentive. The hall is elegant and luminous: a pleasant place to enjoy coffee or a drink in the afternoon.

So, that’s my favorite of the three accommodations I reviewed during my last stay in Capri (2023).

Although the Hotel La Floridiana is a fantastic place to stay in Capri, the only thing the next option will beat it: is the view!

The panoramic terrace of Hotel San Michele in Capri. White fence, with a white table and chair, on terracotta terrace. Near the table there are red flowers in a pot. Mainland Italy and Sea behind.
The panoramic terrace of Hotel San Michele in Capri.

The Hotel San Michele

4 Star Hotel with a rating of 8.0 on

Hotel San Michele is one of the historical hotels on the Island of Capri. It boasts one of the most amazing views of the island! And also features a semi-olympic swimming pool.

This grand hotel-style establishment was built in the late 1800s. Likely a top choice for the grand tourers of that era. It holds a 4-star rating.

Image Collage from pictures I have taken during my stay at Hotel San Michele in Anacapri, Italy. 6 Images over pale yellow background. 1: Or spacious balcony with terracotta floor and white chairs, overlooking to the swimming pool 2. The keys of our room, with a key holder that features the Archangel San Michele. 3. view of the hotel from the poolside 4. Panorama of Capri Island from the Hotel's terrace. Flowers and white chairs. 5. The facade of the hotel. 6. Inside of the room.

Location of the Hotel:

Situated at the beginning of Anacapri, near the bus stop, it’s easily accessible from Marina Grande. Just hop on any bus upon your arrival at the harbor heading to Anacapri. Or opt for a taxi ride and skip the bus line. You can also enjoy the fantastic view along the cliffside road from the comfort of the cab.

Once at the hotel, you can stroll to the center of Anacapri in 5 minutes. Many restaurants, bars, and shops await you within walking distance. The chairlift up to Mount Solaro is also nearby.

Check-in Experience:

We arrived early, and the staff, who were professional and polite, took care of our luggage. The receptionist put stickers with our names on our bags and stored them for free. We were offered to relax by the pool while waiting for our room. Even though we chose to take a walk and have lunch in Anacapri. Our room was ready way before the official check-in time.

The entry hall and the reception of Hotel San Michele in Anacapri, Island of Capri. Antique furniture and marble floor.

Review of the Rooms:

The hotel is quite large, spanning multiple floors with 61 guest rooms.

Upon entering our room, I initially felt disappointed by the small terrace overlooking the back of the property. However, my disappointment was short-lived: our room actually had two balconies! The second one was a sizeable balcony with a swimming pool view. And complete with a table and chairs. I was amazed by this balcony’s size and view! 

The room is furnished in a historical grand hotel style. Complete with classic, antique-looking bed covers and matching heavy curtains. Overall, it’s comfortable and clean, with a compact bathroom.

Our room was in the mid-range, overlooking the pool. But you can choose larger rooms with a sea view. And if you want to splurge, San Michele has two suites with large terraces and fabulous views. The top-floor suite lets you wake up to one of the best views of Capri right from your bed.


The large swimming pool of the Hotel San Michele, Capri, Italy.
Turquoise water in a semi olympic swimming pool, and a row of blue and white sun chairs at the poolside.
Swimming pool of the Hotel San Michele, Capri, Italy.

One of the reasons I chose this hotel, aside from its terrace with a panoramic view, is the enormous pool. Hotel San Michel features a half Olympic-sized swimming pool, surrounded by plenty of sun loungers. And a poolside bar offering coffee, drinks, and snacks.

Bonus tip: On the way to the pool, there’s a little bookshelf. So you can borrow a book to enjoy by the poolside in case you forgot to bring one.


The breakfast is served in a hall with huge arched windows, offering views of Capri’s cliffs and Marina Grande. The buffet provides a variety of choices. From an array of cakes and croissants to continental options like various kinds of cheese, hams, and even steamed veggies. (Quick confession: I absolutely appreciate steamed broccoli for breakfast – it’s yummy and super healthy!)

Food allergies and intolerances are handled with care; the waiter was helpful and accommodating with my gluten intolerance and other food allergies. I ended up choosing the gluten-free croissant every morning during our stay.

The panoramic view of Capri Island, from the Terrace of Hotel San Michele. The Marina Grande harbour with numerous little boats.
Panoramic view of Capri Island, from the Hotel San Michele.

The Hotel itself:

If you like places with grandeur and history, you will love Hotel San Michele. The hall is adorned with fantastic antique furniture, evoking the splendor of the 1800s. While the building isn’t new and has some rough edges, it’s generally well-kept. The garden is stunning. Featuring fountains, tall palm trees, and little walkways with benches.

The star of the place is definitely the panoramic terrace, accessible from the first floor. From here, you can admire Capri and the Bay of Naples.

Being one of the first hotels built on the island, this establishment is filled with history. And has hosted illustrious guests, including members of the Swedish royal family.

San Michele features Capri’s largest pool.

Check the availability and prices for Hotel San Michele here.

Conclusion, Things to Note, and Prices:

The only downside is that there is no on-site à la carte dining. The hotel restaurant only serves a set menu for dinner if you opt for half-board when booking. However, there are plenty of restaurants in Anacapri within walking distance. The hotel has a bar open for aperitifs and cocktails, offering a good selection of drinks. The aperitif formula includes a drink of your choice and is served with elaborate mini sandwiches.

The hotel is a good value for its price, and the large swimming pool is a treat. Savvy travellers can find some bargains, especially when booking your stay for the shoulder season. Although the structure is large with plenty of rooms, it’s also quite popular, so better to book ahead.

Close to the hotel, you’ll find the impressive Villa San Michele. It’s a museum sharing the same name. When you ask the bus driver for the nearest stop, make it clear that you’re looking for the hotel, not the villa. The bus stop for the hotel is one stop earlier, as you’re coming from Marina Grande.

La Casa nel Bosco

B&B-style accommodation in a villa, with a rating of 8.2 on

This turned out to be our bonus day in Capri, just before heading to Sorrento. We have planned a 6-day stay on the island, but I came across this B&B on Booking and loved the secluded setting. So, we decided to add a bonus day to our Capri holiday and try it out!

Image Collage from pictures I have taken during my stay at the BnB Casa nel Bosco in Capri. 7 Images: the entryway in the forest with wooden The little swimming pool. 3. Me sitting on the rooftop in a red dress facing the view of the island of Capri. 4. Panoramic view of Capri taken from the garden of the accomodation. 5. Interior of the room, with open window. 6. Interior of the room with a rustic couch under a window. 7. Me sitting on the terrace and admiring the panorama.

It’s much smaller than the 2 hotels above. A villa in the woods, with 4 guest rooms. So more like a cozy retreat than a hotel. However, it ticks off the two main criteria for this blog post— has a pool and an incredible view. And fits well with my preference, as it is secluded in the woods, close to nature.


The location of the house has its pros and cons. As I mentioned before: it’s secluded. If you appreciate it, you’ll love it. While it’s possible to reach it on foot, it’s not recommended due to the narrow road. Better to take the bus – the stop isn’t far from the entrance gate. The villa is positioned between Capri and Anacapri.

Check-in Experience:

Just when I thought nothing could beat the view of San Michele, I walked up the stairs to Casa nel Bosco and was amazed. The panorama is on par with San Michele, if not even better, framed by secular pine trees.

The owner sent me all the details beforehand on WhatsApp, making it easy to find the villa. He even included a short video showing which room would be ours.

We arrived around check-in time, but our room was not yet ready. A lady greeted us and was very apologetic. She mentioned that the previous guests had left late, and she still had to finish tidying our room. She offered us coffee, and we could wait on the couch on the terrace. We didn’t mind the delay, as we used the time to fly the drone and film the picturesque view.


The rooms are lovely and quite atypical compared to the coastal style ( that most accommodations in Capri follow, like an unwritten guideline). The house is nestled in nature, and the style of the rooms complements the setting. I liked a lot how the interior harmonised with the surroundings.

The terracotta floor, wooden details—everything is fantastic with rustic charm, and very clean. All rooms come with a private bathroom. Our room had a fully renovated, very modern bathroom. It was absolutely superior in style and comfort compared to many hotels.

The pool and the sundeck

The pool is on the smaller side, but hey, it’s still a pool! Perfect for cooling off during the summer heat.
The villa’s rooftop doubles as a sundeck, a tranquil spot to sunbathe with a panorama over the Marina Grande as your backdrop.


Casa nel Bosco includes breakfast, served in the garden. It’s an Italian-style breakfast with juices and a lot of fresh croissants. They also offer Nespresso coffee with a variety of capsules to choose from. Some gluten-free biscuits were available too.

Check the availability and prices for Hotel la Casa nel Bosco here.

For whom do I recommend this accommodation?

I probably wouldn’t recommend staying here for your first visit to Capri, as its secluded location might make it a bit challenging to explore Capri and Anacapri in a short time. But if you’re returning to the island for the second or third time, consider this hidden gem!
Ideal for those loving the cabin-in-the-woods vibe. Or if you’re seeking relaxation, surrounded by greenery.
If you enjoy hiking, this can be the perfect place for you. The villa’s backyard opens up to hiking paths – you can reach Capri in the forest path or attempt the pass leading up to Mount Solaro.

More hotel recommendations for your stay in Capri

The Hotel Weber Ambassador as seen from Marina Piccola, Capri.
People are bathing in the sea in the foreground. The hotel is on the Cliffside. The hotel is yellow with blue sun covers above the windows.
The Hotel Weber Ambassador as seen from Marina Piccola.

Other fantastic-looking hotels in Capri (that I was tempted to book but ran out of time) are:

  • Hotel Caesar Augustus: 5-Star hotel Just next to the Hotel San Michele in Anacapri. If you want something with a similar view but more modern and super luxurious, check this out!
  • Hotel Weber Ambassador: 4-star hotel with a pool. Great for budget hunters, it offers fantastic deals from time to time. The structure is directly at the seaside in Marina Piccola, with a free shuttle service to Capri center.
  • Villa Sarah: It looks very nice and has a good location in Capri. Also has a decent-sized swimming pool.
  • Casa Morgano is a 5-star hotel with an absolutely dreamy-looking pool. A luxurious boutique hotel close to the Piazetta, with spacious rooms, a sea view, and an infinity pool.

If you’re looking for an apartment centrally located in Capri and don’t mind the absence of a swimming pool and hotel staff, I recommend Apartment Stella Maris. We stayed here in our previous stay in Capri (summer of 2023 ). And ended up loving it! This centrally located apartment has 2 rooms, accommodating up to 4 people. Also equipped with a kitchen corner. The owner, Constanzo, was a friendly and welcoming host.

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