A Guide to Positano, Italy  | Travel Tips and Everything to To Know Before your Visit


It’s called the vertical city not for nothing.

So get ready to climb a lot of steps!

View of Positano.

You can arrive in Positano in two ways:

  • By road: with bus / private transport / rented car / or scooter.
  • By sea: by ferry / your own, or a rented boat / water taxi.

If you arrive by sea: 

The main beach is not connected by a drivable road. To reach the road from the ferry port, you must climb some steps.

Only after you walk up to the road, you can get a taxi or take a bus. This can be uncomfortable with huge luggage.

Porter service is available at the main beach, but it can be pricey if your accommodation is high up on the hill.

Pack lightly! 

Or book a hotel directly on the main beach:

  • La Caravella di Positano – Relais & Beach (this is more like a BnB)

What to do in Positano?

Positano is all about the views 

Choose a restaurant or a bar with fantastic views. Stay at Hotel San Pietro or you can also go there for a cocktail to enjoy the fabulous panorama with the view of Positano.

The View of Positano from the Gardens above Hotel San Pietro

Restaurants with a some of the best views in Positano:

  • Il Tridente in Positano has splendid views of the town.
  • Villa Treville‘s terrace is super popular on Instagram for a reason.
  • Mirage at Posa Posa Hotel-if you looking for something more casual and affordable.
  • Hotel San Pietro-The bar and restaurant of this hotel has a scenic overlook to the Coastline and Positano

Or get the best views from the sea. Take a ferry ride or book a boat tour.

For more tips on what to do in Positano and along the Amalfi Coast:

Check out my complete itinerary, suitable for 1, 2 or 3 days stay in Positano.

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If the weather is not in your favor you can visit the Villa Romana and the Cathedral. Or have a day trip to Amalfi or Sorrento. Most of the activities are outdoors, so not a lot to do on a rainy day.

Crowded Beaches?

In the high season, the main beach can get super crowded, but luckily it’s not the only beach.

Positano has other beaches besides the Spiaggia Grande. 

People enjoying a sunny day on the main beach of Positano. Behind the towering cliff, fully built in with pastel colured houses.

If you find the main beach too crowded, it’s good to know that Positano has other fantastic shores too. And they are often a bit less crowded.

Fornillo Beach is within walking distance from the main beach or from the center. Sun chairs are available for rent here too. And also cheaper than at the main beach.

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Fornillo beach in Positano. View from above. Colourful sun loungers lined on the beach.

Boat tours are a must while in Positano

During the day, with a boat, you can escape the crowds. Snorkel in the crystal-clear waters. And discover hidden coves only reachable from the sea.

Sunset tours offer the most breathtaking views.

The towering cliffside houses off Positano are always splendid. But illuminated in soft purple hues during sundown? It’s pure magic.

Lidos / Beach Clubs and sun loungers

Sun loungers at Arienzo Beach

Want to get some real fun and Dolce Vita?

If you want a beach club that offers more than just a sun chair, check out Lido on Fire in Praiano. Or the Conca del Sogno near Nerano.

Don’t miss out on the lively scene at Arienzo Beach Club in Positano. Or spend a day at Da Adolfo in Laurito Beach for an unforgettable experience and a great seafood lunch.

They offer boat transfers too!

Many beach clubs provide boat transfers for their clients. They start from the main beach of Positano.

There is more than “just” the beach

There are some fantastic trails to explore around Positano! 

Aside from the iconic Path of the Gods, you can also trek up to Montepertuso. Or check out Punta Campanella at the top of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

The Amalfi Coast has fantastic hiking routes.

Book ahead your Hotels

The best hotels in Positano get booked out months earlier.
Finding great accommodation can be difficult if you’re traveling during the high season.

So plan and book early.

Click here to check out hotels in Positano

Consider staying in Praiano

You don’t need to stay in Positano to be able to enjoy it. 

Although SITA bus connections to Sorrento or Amalfi stop early in the evening.

But Praiano is connected with the local buses.

So Praiano is ideal if you want to enjoy dinners and evening activities in Positano. And is you are looking for a more affordable place to stay.

It’s just 8 kilometer from Positano and well connected with minibuses. The last bus runs around 10 PM. And taking a taxi back to your hotel in Paraino is both cheaper and quicker than traveling all the way to Sorrento.

Restaurants and Food

You’ll find that food is generally excellent at most places in Positano.

Typically, restaurant opening times in Positano follow the Italian schedule. Lunch from midday to 3 PM and dinner from 8 PM until 11 PM.

Since Positano is a touristy destination, some restaurants offer continuous service. In some places you can have diner during the afternoon too.

You can find the once open all day long on the main beach. For example, Rada or Chez Black. So you won’t go hungry.

Ice creams and pastries are fantastic to try out in Positano. Zagara is super famous for it’s desserts, and Buca del Bacco has heavenly ice cream. They sell ice cream at various points in the center. I usually eat at the bar on the main beach.

Cake and Cafe at the Zagara, Positano

What to wear in Positano

Whatever you are comfortable and feel good in!

Me sitting in a sunny day and watching the sea. I am wearing my favorite linen dress. Its a sleeveless long dress, with off-white and blue stripes. Behind me the sparkling see, and the houses of Positano.

But Positano is an excellent place to show around your favourite summer dress.

Linen is super popular in the coastal areas of Italy. It’s great material for the mediterranean climate.

Linen clothes are sold everywhere in Positano.

So you can shop for some nice clothes and dresses here. Although souvenirs tend to be more expensive here than elsewhere on the coast.

Comfortable flat shoes are essential, as there will be a lot of up and down walking.

Beachwear etiquette

In Positano, as in many Italian towns, you should wear swimsuits only on the beach. If you’re going to a bar or for a walk in the alleyways, it’s best to cover up with a lightweight shirt or tunic.


Pickpocketing is close to non-existent in Positano and on the Amalfi Coast. But don’t leave your valuables unattended on the beach.


Positano is super touristy. So the staff in restaurants and hotels speak good English. Most locals also have some level of English proficiency. But, it’s a good idea to learn a few basic Italian words and phrases.

Transport, Parking…etc

Coming by boat?

If you’re lucky enough to arrive in Positano by sailboat or yacht, Grassi Junior Positano Boat Services  in Fornillo Beach offers mooring services.

Car Parking

Space is very limited in Positano.

Most hotels don’t have parking. There are private parking lots available in Positano. Prices range from 5 to 8 euros per hour depending on the season. Daily rate is between 30 to 50 euros, again, depending on the season and the size of your car.

Make sure to come with a full tank.

One evening when we wanted to refuel our scooter, the gasoline was finished at the fuel station! Although uncommon, it can happen. There is only one fuel stations in Positano. There is larger fuel station located after Praiano.


If you need a taxi best to ask your hotel reception, or in the restaurant / bar to call one for you.

Best way to travel around to explore, is by Scooter if you are comfortable to drive one.


Ferries are the best, fastest, and most stress-free way to travel along that coast.

Thank you for reading, and wishing you an unforgettable vacation in Positano!

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