7 Best Hikes, Walks and Trails to Explore on the Island of Capri, Italy

In this post, I would like to share with you my favorite hikes and walks on the Island of Capri.

Some are shorter easier walks suitable for day trip itineraries too, like the Natural Arch, Via Krupp or the Tragara View Point.

Some are longer, so put them in your itinerary only if you stay some days on the Island.

If you want to experience the island outside of the tourist crowds, try one of the longer hikes, like Mount Solaro, or the Little Forts Trail.

If you are staying in Anacapri, don’t miss a walk to the Lighthouse.

And if your hotel is in Capri, then be sure to plan to hike Capri’s most scenic footpath, the Pizzolungo.

1. Natural Arch

This walk is one of the shorter trails.

So, it’s a suitable choice for day-trippers in Capri.

How to get to the Natural Arch?

From the central square in Capri (known as Piazzetta), it’s just a 20-minute walk to reach the Natural Arch.

From the center, you can follow the famous Via le Botteghe. Then, continue along the Via Matermania. Follow the signs for “Arco Naturale” direction.

The end part of the path is a bit steep and has some stairs. So wear some good hiking shoes to walk to the Natural Arch.

This spot is a bit of a hidden gem, as the Natural Arch is off the beaten path of the classic day trip routes. So, you’ll find it serene and not too crowded, even during the daytime.

The Natural Arch is a rock formation: A monumental arched rock with a window in the middle. And when you look through that window, you see the stunning blue sea behind. It’s a great viewpoint to enjoy the beauty of Capri.

The Natural Arch sits right on the edge of Capri. So you can see it from the sea as well. You may catch a glimpse of it when you do a boat trip around Capri. I highly recommend doing a boat trip while in Capri. The coastline is stunning from the sea, and the best bays are only accessible by sea.

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Tip: After the Natural Arch, check out the restaurant nearby: Le Grotelle. It’s one of my favorite places to eat when visiting Capri. They’re perfect for trying a delicious local meal in Capri. Plus, the restaurant terrace has a fantastic ambiance.

2. Via Krupp

Via Krupp is a fantastic walk and perfect for day-trippers. 

The best thing about this route is that it ends at the seaside at Marina Piccola. So bring your swimsuit and towel if you want to splash into the water after your walk.

Via Krupp in Capri, a view of the serpentine from above.

Via Krupp had been closed for many years but finally reopened last year in June 2023.

This winding road with hairpin turns is one of the iconic landmarks of Capri Island.

Where to start the Via Krupp? 

The Via Krupp walk starts near the Augustus Garden.

Once you’re in the Piazzetta, it’s just a short walk to reach the Augustus Gardens.

Before starting your walk, visit the garden if you have time. The entrance fee to the park is only 1.50 euros.

From here, you can admire the Via Krupp from above. The Panorama from the Augustus Garden is one of the best on the island. The terrace overlooks the serpentines of Via Krupp. Which is an absolutely fantastic scenery.

Plus, the garden’s balcony is also an ideal spot to take pictures with the famous Faraglioni rocks in the background. 

Right below the gardens is where the actual walk on Via Krupp begins.

The panoramic route is paved with stones. And the path has plenty of picturesque twists and turns.

When you reach Marina Piccola, you’ll have the chance to swim in the free section of the beach. Or rent a sun lounger at one of the beach clubs. 

Tip: My favorite beach club is Lo Scoglio Delle Sirene. It’s in a scenic setting situated on a rocky promontory. A great spot to relax and enjoy an afternoon at the beach in Capri.

3. The Peak of Mount Solaro 

Mount Solaro is the highest point of Capri, with an elevation of 589 meters.

The most popular way to visit is by taking the chairlift from Anacapri. That’s also the recommended way to do it if you visit the island on a day trip. The chairlift costs 11 euros one way and 14 euros for both ways.

Chairlift to Mount Solaro in Anacapri

But there are numerous pathways where you can walk up to the peak.

If you are in Capri for some days and like hiking, this is a not-to-miss activity.

On the top, there is a cafe and restaurant. Fantastic 360-degree panorama, with a view of the Faragliolini.

The fantastic view of Capri, from the top of Mount Solaro. High Cliffs, blue sea and the famous Faraglioni rocks. Little sail boats and yacht in the bay.

How to hike up to Mount Solaro?

The easiest-to-find way is the path from Centro Anacapri. 

Where to start this hike? 

Starting from the Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri. You have to pass by the Hotel Capri Palace Jumeriah, and follow the little road “Via Capodimonte”. After 100 meters, you will find a little path on your right, upwards.

This path is called Via Monte Solaro. Here, you will see an indication for Mount Solaro.

Alternatively, take the chairlift upwards and come down on this route.

Tip: Once you get down on this route, visit the stunning Villa San Michele nearby.

Other paths to reach the peak of Mount Solaro:

There are other paths to Mont Solaro. But they are more challenging if you want a full-day excursion.

From the Belvedere della Miraglia, there is a pathway up to the peak.

Or the so-called “Passatiello” route, which starts in Capri and reaches the peak of Mount Solaro. This forest trail passes by the little church of Santa Maria di Cetrella. 

Passatiello trail is the trickiest of all paths leading up to Monte Solaro. It has a rough and steep section in the forest, starting from Capri. The steepest part has chains attached to rocks so walkers can pull themselves up the cliff.

Sign posts along the paths on Mont Solaro. Indicates direction to hikers, like the Passatiello Trail, or direction of Anacapri. Wooden signs.

4. Sentiero dei Fortini

Or in English, the Pathway of the Little Forts.

It’s a longer hike on the Anacapri side of the Capri. 

The pathway mostly follows the eastern coastline of the Island. So fantastic views are guaranteed all along the way.

A pleasant walk with not too much elevation gain. Most of the walk is easy to moderate hike. There are some sections you must walk a bit up on a steeper trail or steps.

Me enjoying the sea breeze and the scenic view, during a hike in Anacapri.
Photo taken on the Sentiero dei Fortini. Girl wearing white shirt and khaki linen pants, standing on a paved footpath, on the cliffs. Looking to the direction of the sea.

Where to start the Path of the Little Forts?

It starts near the Blue Grotto. You can reach the starting point from Anacapri center by bus. Take the bus towards Grotta Azzurra and stay on the bus till the end.

Once you reach the Pino Fort on the trail, you can either walk back up to the main road and catch a bus to Anacapri or continue towards the Lighthouse.

If you think Capri is touristy: take a walk on the Sentiere dei Fortini. We overtook this walk on a sunny weekend at the beginning of October. Although Capri looked crowded as usual, we barely met anybody during our 3-hour excursion.

The hike from the bus stop at Grotta Azzurra to the Lighthouse is 5.5 km. You need at least 2 hours, but it’s better to count with 3, as you would probably stop several times. Enjoy the view, walk around the forts, and take pictures. Or have a picnic on this trail rich of stunning views.

The beginning of the hike is paved; later on, it’s rocky, so go with suitable shoes, not with flip-flops.

Me standing near a fence on the path.
A section of the path of the little Forts, in Anacapri.

5. Punta Tragara

Point Tagara is the closest part of the island to the iconic builders of Faragliolini.

To understand how enormous and majestic these rocks are, best to walk to them as close as possible. But don’t miss seeing them from the sea as well. 

The highest of the rocks is almost 100 meters tall!

We decided to come to Point Tragara for sunset and a quick walk before dinner. It was easy to get here from our centrally located Hotel. 

See my review of accommodations in Capri to know more about our stay at the fabulous Hotel La Floridiana.

How to get to Point Tragara?

From the center, follow the Via Le Botteghe, till The Tragara Viewpoint. Take the pathway going downwards, just before the viewpoint.

It’s a short walk on a paved footpath, but you have to walk all the way down, and then go back again. 

If you don’t want to walk up and down, you can just walk to the viewpoint of Tragara to admire the sunset.

6. Pizzolungo Trail

If you have more time, you can also overtake the Pizzolungo path, which will pass by Grotte Matermania and bring you back to Capri. 

The Pizzolungo path ends near the Natural Arch. It’s a spectacular hike but can be challenging because of the elevation gain. Or you can do it from the opposite way: starting at the Natural Arch and arriving at Tragara Viewpoint. 

Depend on your speed, but to complete the Pizzolungo trail you will need at least 2 and a half hours.

7. Walk to the Lighthouse of Anacapri

Scenic view of Punta Carena in Capri. 
rugged coastline with rocky cliffs and the sea. On the top of the promontory there is the Lighthouse of Anacapri. The lighthouse is pink and white.

The lighthouse of Anacapri is the 2. largest lighthouse in Italy.
It’s built at a headland over rocky cliffs on the Anacapri side of the island.
If you are staying in Anacapri, this could be a great sunset spot.

From the bus stop “Faro” in Anacapri, it’s a 40-minute walk to the lighthouse. An easy walk to enjoy nature and the scenery of Capri.

The trail begins at Torre della Guardia and leads you to the island’s majestic lighthouse at Punta Carena.

There is a footpath, under pine trees, so you don’t need to walk on the roadside.

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