Atrani: A Film Lover’s Haven on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

No matter which direction you coming from.

Atrani will charm you from every angle.

The overused term “jewel box” finds its true meaning in Atrani.

The village is a real-life version of those miniature villages you see in nativity scenes.

Atrani sits in a valley right by the coastline. The shore is surrounded by houses built over cliffs. Towering mountains are above and around.

One of the most cinematographic locations on the Amalfi Coast.

No wonder, many movies were filmed here…

Atrani, the view of the little town above. Densely built houses, under rocky cliffs. The church and the belltower are dominating the view. The blue sea behind. No wonder filmmakers love this location.

Atrani has been all over social media since the debut of “Equalizer 3,” in 2023. And now, followed by the release of the Ripley series this year.

While Atrani serves as the filming location for Ripley, the villa seen in the series is actually in Capri.

It often gets presented as the hidden gem of the Amalfi Coast.

And people are expressing worries it might get soon very crowded.

In reality, Atrani being on the Amalfi Coast, has always been touristy. During the last decades at least. And thus crowded at high season, like anywhere else on the Costa d’Amalfi.

Still, Atrani is lesser known than the popular Amalfi or Positano. Many visiting Amalfi don’t even realize that Atrani is only a stone’s throw away from them. (10 minutes walk.)

But maybe things are about to change. And Atrani will become a must-visit. A top destination for Amalfi Coast trips.

What to visit in Atrani, Italy?

Piazza Umberto I – The main square of Atrani

The central square is filled with life from spring to autumn. Tourists and locals enjoy the atmosphere of the village in lively bars.

The Church of Saint Salvatore De’ Bireto

This church holds significance in the history of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi. It served as the burial place for the doges. It dates back to 940.

Although, over the centuries, it has undergone significant transformations.

The Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maddalena

Atrani’s stunning church dominates the village’s silhouette. 

The bell tower dates back to 1500. Its unique look is a symbol of Atrani. It comprises five floors: the first three are square, and the last two are octagonal. It’s constructed from local gray tuff stone.

Me standing on the staircase in Atrani. I am wearing a striped long dress. Facing the sea. In the left rocky cliff with the Castiglione locality above. Mountains and the coastline in the back. 
Image colour graded for a cinematic look.

In front of the church lies a spacious square.

On one side, monumental steps lead down. And opening over a theatrical sea view.

It’s a dramatic setting, a perfect spot for holiday images.

Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Bando

The little Sanctuary up on the hill, under the cliffs. A small white church more than 700 steps over the village. Visitable only by request and appointment.

What to do in Atrani, Italy?

The best thing to do is to walk around and explore the village. 

Or enjoy a day on the beach

Beaches around Atrani

Staying in Atrani, you have a choice of beaches within walking distance.

Main Beach Of Atrani

The beachside is in a stunning setting. Also, Atrani’s beach is less crowded compared to Amalfi. There are free sections, and you can also rent sunchairs. There are a couple of beachside restaurants and bars, to experience the dolce vita.

Castiglione Beach

Other than the main beach of Atrani, you can walk to the nearby Castiglione Beach.

You will see this beach from the steps near the church.

The beach is between high cliffs, and you need to walk down quite some steps to reach it. Free public beach and sun chairs are both available. The Castiglione Beach has a very picturesque setting.

Spiaggia Grande in Amalfi

Of course, from Atrani you can easily reach the main beach of Amalfi too.

The alleyways of Atrani

Get lost in the alleyways. Explore the hidden nooks and corners.

Don’t miss the Escher Corner. A crossroad of 3 steps beneath bolted alleyways. These tight and hidden passages inspired his famous works. You’ll find a panel and explanation in English right on the spot.

M.C. Escher, the Dutch artist, traveled around Italy. And returned many times to Atrani.

Fly over Atrani, Italy. The filming location of Equalizer 3 and Ripley

Walks and hikes around Atrani

The Dragone Valley

Above Atrani, where the valley becomes tighter there is an oasis-like place. Walk up on the pathway near the river. The Dragone Valley is a great escape from the beachside crowds. There are picnic places and little stone bridges spanning over the river Dragone. Spend a couple of hours in nature. Enjoy the cool shade of trees, near the trickling river.

Torre dello Ziro – Ancient Watchtower

From the Dragone Valley, you can continue the hike, to reach the watchtower on the top, above Amalfi.

Walk up from the Valley towards the village of Pontone. There are a couple of hundred steps to climb, between lush greenery. And from there hike to the Torre del Ziro. The path is well-signed, under shady pine trees. This is one of my favorite hikes on the Amalfi Coast. 

From the footpath, you’ll have fabulous views overlooking Atrani and Amalfi.

Atrani as seen from the panoramic point, on the path that leads to Torre dello Ziro. Aerial view of the little town, and the church. The blue sea behind. Forest in the foreground.

Walk up to Ravello

Some of the steepest steps off the coast will bring you up to Ravello.

To find the starting point, go to the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena. Take the small steps in front of the church, then turn right under the archway. Follow the Via S. Nicola. After the balcony walk, Ravello will be signed.

How to walk from Atrani to Amalfi?

There are a couple of routes to walk between Atrani and Amalfi.

The more straightforward is walking along the Coastal Road. But there are better alternatives if you don’t want to walk next to the traffic. 

On the Amalfi Drive, there is a tunnel in Atrani to the direction of Amalfi. The tunnel does not have a sidewalk. Good news, you don’t need to walk inside. There is a way around it. The alternative route starts from the beach. And passes between the tables of the restaurant XY.

After the tunnel, there is the parking called Luna Rossa. Near the Luna Rossa entrance, you will find a huge pedestrian-only tunnel. Seemingly going inside the rocks. This passage will bring you directly to the heart of Amalfi. (Near the Municipio Square)

There are also hidden alleyways connecting the two villages. Follow the little signs or ask the locals for directions. To find it, start from the Umberto I Square.

Should you stay in Atrani? 

The view of Atrani. Steps leading down to the village. The bell tower dominates the scene. The see behind. Image edited to black and white, to match the vibes of the recent Netflix series filmed here "Ripley".

Why not?

If Atrani charmed you in Ripley’s black and white scenes, than it’s time to see it in full technicolor!

Atrani is an ideal base to visit the Amalfi Coast.

You can walk to Amalfi in 15 minutes from Atrani. And take the ferry from there to visit any other places on the Amalfi Coast or towards Capri.

There are several restaurants and bars in Atrani. The village is a fabulous setting to enjoy a cocktail in the summer evening. And if you want to change this intimate atmosphere to something more lively? Just walk down to the seaside of Amalfi for a bit more nightlife. No need to worry about bus schedules.

Restaurants in Atrani

The Restaurant and Pizzeria Le Palme is very popular. Restaurant Zaccaria has a fabulous setting overlooking the sea.
A’ Paranza has an intimate atmosphere, like the village itself. And famous for its excellent seafood dishes along the Amalfi coast. It’s been some time since I had dinner there, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. But I’m eager to return soon.

Where to stay in Atrani, Italy?

The village is quite small, with limited accommodation options. So book ahead if possible.

High-end Hotels in Atrani:

Palazzo Ferraioli

Palazzo Ferraioli is the only 4-star hotel in Atrani. The hotel has a fantastic rooftop with stunning views.

Mid-range Accommodations in Atrani:

Maison Escher

Clean apartments right on the beach of Atrani. 2 and 1-bedroom options are available.

Villa Rosa Residences

Tucked away in the valley behind Atrani, Villa Rosa is a 3-star accommodation. Stunning apartments with terrace and swimming pool. It’s an excellent option if you don’t mind a little walking to the center and enjoy staying close to nature. If you like hiking, this is your place, as several trails start from this area. You can reach Atrani on a paved walkway, well-lit even at night, in approximately 15 minutes.

Budget Rooms in Atrani:


Cosy rooms in the heart of Atrani, close to the beach. The accommodation also offers a shared kitchen and terrace.

MeFra Camere – Amalfi Coast

B&B-style rooms, 50 meters from the beach in Atrani.

Other options in Atrani or around:

You can find some excellent B&B-style places in Atrani.

But if you prefer a hotel than another good option is to stay at Hotel Luna Convento.

Hotel Luna Covento in Amalfi

This 4-star hotel on the peak of the promontory between Amalfi and Atrani. They also have a swimming pool with a view of Atrani and their own beach access. It’s actually a historical convent building founded by St. Francis of Assisi.

How long you should stay in Atrani?

If you want to base yourself in Atrani and visit the towns of the Amalfi Coast, you need at least 3 days. 4 would be ideal though.

This would allow you to visit Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. And even a day trip to Capri. Having an extra day you can enjoy the beaches or hike around the Amalfi Coast.

The “Ripley” villa, actually situated in Capri, not in Atrani.

Local celebrations and gastronomy

July 22 marks the festive celebration of Atrani’s patron saint, Santa Maria Maddalena. One of the traditional dishes served on this occasion is “il sarchiapone”.

Sarchiapone is a local receipt. Green squash stuffed with a mix of meat, ricotta, and eggs, and then topped with tomato sauce.

Another annual celebration in Atrani is the “Sagra del Pesce Azurro”.

Every year in August. It’s a great occasion to try local cuisine and enjoy musical performances.

How to get to Atrani?

The direct shuttle bus from Naples Airport approaching Atrani

The closest airport to Atrani is Salerno Costa D’Amalfi. The Salerno Airport is a 45 km drive away.

From Salerno, you can take the Sita bus to the direction of Amalfi. Or catch a ferry from Piazza Concordia to Amalfi. 

The Salerno-Amalfi ferry line doesn’t stop in Atrani. But TravelMare company operates small ferry connections between Amalfi and Atrani. This is available only during the high season.

The other nearby Airport is Napoli Capodichino (NAP).

Is a bit farther than the one in Salerno (70 km). But offers better international connection.

There is a direct shuttle bus service from the Naples International Airport to Atrani.

Otherwise, take the Airport bus to Naples Central Station, and get on a train to Salerno.

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