Best Hidden Beaches of the Amalfi Coast

Hello, fellow beach lovers!

Discover the best-hidden secrets along the stunning Amalfi Coast in Italy.

This guide will reveal some lesser-known and even secluded beaches on the Amalfi Coast.

These hidden gems are away from the usual tourist spots, so they offer a more peaceful and tranquil escape.

What’s even better? You can access all of these beaches by foot from the mainland. Some are easier to get and for others, you need to climb or hike to reach them. So, put on your comfortable shoes and prepare to explore these hidden treasures, along the picturesque Amalfi Coast.

Albori Marina in Vietri Sul Mare
Lannio Beach in Cetara
Lo Sgaruppo in Erchie
Clearwater Bay in Maiori
Furore the beach under the Bridge
Gavitella Beach in Praiano
Laurito in Positano

Tordiglone Grande and Piccola

I’ve ordered the beaches in this guide from Vietri Sul Mare’s direction toward Positano and above. So you can easily follow the sequence as you travel along the Amalfi Coast.

Albori Marina: A serene secluded beach

Discovering Amalfi's Hidden Secret: Secluded Beach Accessible by Foot.
Albori Marina, view from above. The sea and the coastline.
Albori Marina a secluded beach accessible by foot

Albori Marina is the first hidden gem on our list and along the Amalfi Coast (when traveling from the direction of Vietri Sul Mare). A small and secluded beach mostly frequented by locals. More untamed and authentic coastal experience compared to Vietri Marina. Concealed between rocks, Albori Marina offers a serene escape from the crowds.
During the quieter seasons, Albori Marina remains almost wild and less touched by commercialization. The beach gains popularity from late May or June when umbrellas start appearing.

The beach has two sections: on the right, there is an option to rent beach chairs, while on the left side, you can find a bar that also provides beach chairs. The farthest left corner is the free beach area.

While amenities are limited, a small bar is available, selling sodas and ice cream. And you can also rent kayaks. The bar can be closed during the off-peak season or on weekdays, so bring some snacks and drinks with you.

The beach itself features a rocky shoreline with small greyish pebbles.

How to reach it? You will need to descend Around 300 steps. The staircase is cleaned and maintained. Winding under the shade of pine trees. As you make your way down, the scent of pines fills the air on warm days.

Look out for a small brown sign indicating “spiaggia,” the Italian word for beach, at the entrance. Be mindful that it can be easy to miss when traveling by car or bike, as it’s located just before Bar Namaste on the other side.

How to get here?

By public transport:

Take the Sita bus from Salerno. The closest bus stop is: SS163, 58 (Voce del Mare)

Bus from Salerno should take around 20 minutes.

On foot: Easy to walk here if you are based in Vietri Sul Mare or Raito. From Vietri Marina, best walking up on Via Madonna dell’Arco. From Raito, walk down by Via Scavata. They both arrive at Amalfi Drive next to the bus stop. From there, follow the main road for approximately 100 meters (direction of Amalfi) till the entrance of the staircase.

By car: No official parking is available nearby. Although you will see cars parked alongside the road, especially in high season.

Lannio Beach: A Family-Friendly shore in Cetara

Continuing our journey, we come to Lannio Beach, situated in the picturesque village of Cetara.

Lannio Beach is a true family-friendly destination and the most easily accessible beach on our list. It is located just before reaching Cetara. Lannio should not be confused with the main beach of the village.

Lannio Beach is a long and narrow shoreline stretching from the end of Hotel Cetus till the Cetara Tower. The beach is a mix of sand and pebbles. Offers a pleasant and inviting atmosphere with a free section. Please note that as of the end of May 2023, the Lido (beachside facility) may not yet be fully operational, and beach chair rentals will likely be available later.

How to reach it? Lannio Beach is not the main beach of Cetara. To access it, look for the path to going down near the tower (from the Amalfi Drive facing the tower entrance is on the left side). These steps provide an easy way to reach the beach, making this suitable for families with kids. The descent is not characterized by steep stairs but rather a path with some gradual steps. Much more manageable access than other lesser-known beaches along the Amalfi Coast.

How to get here?

By car from Salerno: Approximately 10 km on the Amalfi drive (SS163) and less than 30 minutes without traffic.

Where to park? Unfortunately, no parking is available directly next to the access point for Lannio Beach. It is best to try finding parking in Cetara. Then you can walk back to the main road near the tower.

By public transport:

With Sita bus. The closest bus stop is the one before Cetara coming from Salerno direction. The bus stop is just right after the Hotel Cetus (called “SS163 Corso Umberto I” on google maps). You can also get off the bus in Cetara and walk around 300 meters to reach via Lannio.

You can reach the main beach of Cetara by ferry and then walk to Lannio Beach. The journey takes 15 minutes from Salerno.

Lo Sgaruppo: An Adventurous Beach for the Brave

Captivating View of Erchie's Secret Beach: Sandy Shore and Serene Sea seen from the Cliffside Vantage Point
“Lo Sgaruppo”- View of Amalfi Coast’s Secret Secluded Beach, a Hidden Gem of Tranquility

Continuing our adventure, we arrive at the next beach on our list: Lo Sgaruppo. This beach is between Cetara and the Village Of Erchie. Erchie is already off the beaten path, but this beach before the village is a well-kept local secret. Getting here is an adventure in itself. Not for the faint of heart and recommended for people not afraid of heights.

Lo Sgaruppo is a wild beach with no facilities available.

This beach is nicknamed “Lo Sgaruppo” and also called Spiagga di Suverano. To reach this secret shore, you need to climb down on rocks.

Descent is best suited for hikers and adventure seekers who enjoy a bit of excitement.

It is absolutely mandatory to have sturdy shoes for this, do not attend to get down with flip flops!

Check before starting to get down that you have everything with you. Probably don’t want to take this route more than it’s necessary.

Considered one of the most secretive beaches in the area, Lo Sgaruppo is predominantly frequented by locals for its secluded charm. Accessing this beach is not easy and requires the ability of climbing down on rocks.

A helpful tip we get from the locals is to wait for other people to go down before you. You can observe their chosen steps and follow their lead to identify the easier path.

Once you arrive at the beach, you will be rewarded with its natural beauty and crystal-clear water. From Lo Sgaruppo, you can venture to swim to the nearby beach of Erchie: The splendid “Spiaggia del Cauco” reachable only by sea, further enhancing your coastal exploration.

Hidden Paradise Revealed: Crystal Clear Waters, Rocky Cliff, and Majestic Pine Tree at Erchie's Secret Beach

How to get here?

With public transport:

The closest bus Stop: Erchie.

Coming from Salerno direction you need to walk back approximately 250 meter from the bus stop Erchie along the Amalfi Drive.

It is recommended to ask the bus driver for the precise location.

By driving:

As for parking options, it is possible to find parking for scooters along the way, and there may be some lookout terraces where it’s possible to fit a car or two, but they tend to fill up quickly.

If you come with a car than best to park in the village of Erchie. From Erchie walk back about 15 minutes.

Aquachiara Beach: Tranquility and Crystal Clear Waters

Clearwater Beach, a secluded gem on the Amalfi Coast with turquoise waters. Rocky shore and crystal clear sea water. Greenery on the foreground of image.

The beach is located just before Maiori, coming from the Salerno direction. Clearwater Beach lives up to its name with its splendid and clear, inviting waters. Spiaggia Aquachiara in Italia translates directly to “clear water beach” in English.

There are no bars or food services, so bring water and snacks. Around 5 or 6, depending on the time of year, the beach becomes shaded, providing a pause from direct sunlight. Still, the waters in the bay will remain sunlit a little longer, making it an ideal spot for those with fair skin who wish to avoid sunburn.
Umbrellas and beach chairs are available for rent from June. However the sides of the beach will remain free.
Close to Clearwater Beach is an other famous and captivating Dead Horse Bay, which unfortunately cannot be accessed from land. Dead Horse Bay can only be reached by boat or by renting a kayak in Maiori.

How to get here?

As you arrive, you’ll see more of the steps leading down from the main road. Only one of these staircases is public. So how to find it? Arriving from the direction of Maiori, look for the signpost where Maiori intersects with red. The steps entrance is just before it.

Above view of a pristine cove with crystal-clear waters along the Amalfi Coast.

By public transport:

By bus: The closest bus stop is the “Torre dei Normanni”. From here walk 150 meter to the top of the stairway (towards the direction of Salerno).

On foot from Maiori: Takes around 15 minutes walk (600 meters) along the Amalfi Drive from the nearer edge of the town.

By driving a car or scooter:

From Amalfi takes 15 minute to drive here without traffic.

From Salerno the journey is 40 minutes.

As for parking options,
Right before the steps is a little enclave. The spot is barely enough to park two motorbikes.
No car parking is available nearby. The closest recommended parking is on the nearest edge of Maiori.

The Fjord of Furore: The Iconic Beach Under the Bridge

The Fjord of Furore: A coastal scene with an iconic bridge arching over a pristine beach

As you embark on your journey after Amalfi and towards Positano, get ready to discover the splendid Furore Beach. This stunning place is called “Il Fiordo di Furore” In Italian. This is an absolute must-visit destination featured in countless postcards and Instagram posts.

Welcome to Il Fiordo di Furore, a beach that incorporates the wild, natural beauty that the Amalfi Coast is renowned for. Furore is probably the most famous beach that has made it onto our list.

If you arrive from the main road and Experience the vertigo-indulging height of the arched bridge. The Bridge of Furore is 30 meter hight and spans above the turquoise sea. From here you can see the fjord like valley and beach cove nestled between majestic rocks. The sheer beauty of this scenery is enough to leave you speechless.

How to get down to the beach for a refreshing swim? You can take the steps heading down. The steps are on your right side at the end of the bridge when facing the direction of Positano.

Can you swim in the Fjord of Furore?

Yes! The beach of Furore is free and offers an unspoiled environment. You won’t find extensive facilities here, only a man renting sun chairs and selling sodas and water. To spend the whole day in this secluded paradise, prepare to bring your own food and snacks.

Vibrant fishing boat on the shore of The Fjord of Furore, a renowned coastal site between Amalfi and Positano. The beach under the bridge.

How to get here? 

To access this captivating beach, you can descend via a well-maintained staircase that leads down from the bridge. The stairs and the beach is open (as of May 2023). Don’t worry is easier to climb down than it may appear at first glance, taking less than 5 minutes to be at the shore.

Public transportation is the best option. The Sita bus that runs between Amalfi and Positano conveniently stops right after the bridge. When you get of from the bus you find yourself right where the steps descend towards the beach.

Please note that official parking is not available but it is easy to find a spot to park your motorbike along the sides of the road.

The seemingly abandoned houses on the side of the beach cove are not the actual village of Furore. These charming structures were never inhabited, but instead served as storage spaces for the local fishermen.

There is a semi-abandoned chapel nestled under the rocks, located behind the beachfront at the entrance of the valley.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the Fiordo of Furore, where the untamed coastal landscape and iconic bridge create an unforgettable experience on your Amalfi Coast journey.

Gavitella: A Hidden Sunset Paradise in Praiano

Marina di Praia is a well-known beach. But there is another seashore in Praiano, Gavitella Beach. The Gavitella is the lesser-known alternative and ideal place to swim.

To reach it, take the alleyway under the main square in front of the Church of San Gennaro. At one point, you will find the stairs. Look for indications on the wall “Spiaggia/beach“. The steps will lead you down to the beach. It’s mainly a cement plateau, probably not the most visually appealing beach, not as scenic and wild as Furore. However, this beach has something really good: It gets sun until late. Many beaches on the Amalfi Coast are shaded early as 4 pm or 6 pm, so this is a true gem for the afternoon sun.

This beach is home to the famous beach club: One Fire Beach. You can also find some free spots passed the club, in a little rocky part of the shore.

Gavitella is a fantastic spot for sunset, with a panoramic view of Positano, Grand Hotel Tritone, Li Galli, Punta Campanella, and the Island of Capri with the Faragiolini far away. The steps going up are equipped with little spotlights, making it very romantic at night.

Spiaggia Laurito: Off the Beaten Path in Positano

View of Laurito Beach, with its pristine shoreline adorned with layered sandstones. The unique formation of the sandstones creates a visually striking pattern, showcasing the natural beauty of this secluded beach on the coast of Positano.
Rock formations and pristine water at Laurito Beach, Positano.

One of the lesser-known beaches of Positano is Laurito.
Many take the shuttle boat to have lunch in the famous restaurant of Da Adolfo, but fewer people know that you can easily reach the beach from the mainland, as long as you’re not afraid of some steps. And if you’ve been on the Amalfi Coast long enough, you barely notice the 300 treads anymore!
From The Amalfi Drive, you will find a staircase descending. A brown street sign indicates Spiaggia Laurito (or not, as recently it has been turned around), and there is a bench for those who need to catch their breath after walking upstairs.
The last part of the staircase has a bit of an abandoned charm, but at least it goes under shady trees. The steps have damage in some places. So be careful especially, when leaves are covering them!
The beach itself is rewarding. The Da Adolfo Beach Club rents sunchairs, and there is a hotel too that also offers them. The restaurant is only open for lunch, not for dinner.
The stretch on the left side, plebes dotted with rocks, is the free section of the beach. There is also a tiny beach cove beyond the prominent boulder. Turquoise and clear water, along with the rock formations in the sea, make it an ideal place for snorkeling.

Check out my itinerary for Positano. You will find info on other beaches of Positano too, like Fornillo and Arienzo.

Bus stop nearby: Sita, Laurito, Bus Stop 5

Tordiglione: Long and secluded shorlines.

It is not one, but three hidden shores. Tordiglione is as wild and secluded as something near Positano can get.

You must hike and descend on a footpath for around half an hour to reach the first cove. Fishermen keep their boats here and feed an army of cats.
From this cove, your left side is the smaller shore, Tordiglione Piccolo.
To get here you have to climb down the last section. There is a rope to help you, so this place is for the adventurous.

In the other direction, by walking over a fisherman’s hut and continuing on the top of the boulders, you will arrive in less than 10 minutes at the long and empty shoreline of Tordiglione Grande.

There are no restaurants or sunchairs, and very few other people share the long stretch of coastline.
Bring food and plenty of water, because going up will be exhausting too.

How to Find It: It’s secluded, so there are no indications other than scooters parking at one spot alongside the main road.
Pass the metallic barrier, and you will see a small cement platform. Here the trail that descends to the beach starts. You can also ask the bus driver to drop you off at Tordiglione.

A picturesque view of Tordiglione Beach from the footpath. The coastline stretches out before the viewer, showcasing the secluded and untouched beauty of this hidden beach. The crystal-clear turquoise waters gently lap against the shore, inviting visitors to explore its tranquil shores.
The view of the shoreline at Tordiglione from the footpath above.

For more beach adventures check out my other post, a list of the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast.

Watch our youtube video to see some of the beaches mentioned in this post and other shores around Positano and Sorrento.

7 of My favorite beaches on the Sorrento Peninsula

The easiest way to reach many of the Hidden Beaches, is from the Sea.

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Make sure to pack some essentials for your beach day! Don’t forget sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, sunglasses to shield your eyes, and a hat to keep your head cool. Grab a towel for lounging on the sand (or more like pebbles) and slip on some comfy flip flops. Comfortable hiking shoes are a must for more secluded beaches. Stay hydrated by bringing water and snacks with you. If you enjoy reading, toss a good book into your beach bag. And if you’re into snorkeling, don’t forget to bring goggles to explore the colorful underwater world. Keep an eye out for vibrant fish and maybe even spot a sneaky octopus hiding among the rocks!

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