Where to Stay in Capri, Italy? A Guide to the Main Areas of the Island


So, you’ve added Capri to your travel plans and now you’re wondering where to stay on the island. I put this guide together to help you choose the best area to stay in Capri.

Which area of Capri is the best?

Does Capri even have a bad area to stay? Capri is an incredibly beautiful destination, and wherever you stay, you will love it.

Choosing the Best Area

The view of the Faraglioni Rocks from the top of Mount Solaro, Capri, Italy.

While there isn’t a “bad” area to stay in Capri, each part of the island has its own vibe.

Choosing the best area to stay in Capri depends on what you enjoy the most. So to know which part of Capri is best for you, ask yourself what part of the island you wish to experience. 

If you like vibrant nightlife, then staying in Anacapri would sure be a mistake. But if you prefer a calmer place with fewer crowds, Anacapri is a great option.

The Villages on the Island:

There are only two villages on the island: Capri and Anacapri.

Anacapri is known for its more peaceful, laid-back atmosphere. Capri Town is more lively, but also more touristic.

Capri Town is on the eastern side of the Island. Anacapri is on the west side on a high plateau.

The center of Capri (the town) is up, on the hilltop.

Also, Capri Town has two harbors: Marina Grande and Marina Piccola.

The harbours are the opposite side of the town. So if you wish to stay near the seaside, you can stay in one of these hubs too.

  • The Center of Capri Town: The busy center with lots of shops and restaurants.
  • Marina Grande: The main harbour area, perfect for catching ferries and going for boat trips.
  • Marina Piccola: Beautiful beaches and fancy beach clubs.
  • Anacapri: The quieter village on the western side of the island.

Of course, it’s very simplified. These are the main areas, but you can also find accommodations in between. Like halfway between Marina Grande and Capri Town.

Detailed Insight on Areas to Stay in Capri

The Center near the Piazetta (Capri)

The beating heart of Capri is the Umberto I square. Commonly referred as the “Piazzetta”.

If you don’t mind daytime crowds, staying in the center of Capri is a great choice.

Capri Town, especially the main area, has many upscale shops, restaurants, and nightlife. It’s perfect if you want to be in the center of the action.

Easy to reach from the ferry port of Marina Grande with the funicular, local buses, or with a short taxi ride.

Staying in the center of Capri is My favorite choice. As the day-trippers depart the island, the atmosphere changes. By late afternoon the island is a different realm.

Piazetta is the elegant focal point of the evenings. Most people dress up for a night out in Capri. Sitting in the bar and people-watching is kinda like a front-row seat in a glamorous fashion show.

If that’s not your thing I completely understand it. For slow-paced Mediterranean eves, Anacapri is the better choice. Without the overly fancy dress-up part.

One of the best hotel close to the center: Hotel La Floridiana

District Tiberio ( Capri Town)

The Piazetta in Capri. Bar at night.

Tiberio is a more local area of Capri. A residential area with some of the biggest supermarkets you will find on the island. If you self-catering, staying in the Tiberio area is a good option.

In the evenings a short walk will get you to the Piazetta. Or just stay in a less crowded bar in the Tiberio area, depending on your mood.

Many attractions are nearby. Easy to get to the Villa Lysis or walk up to the Villa Jovis.

There is only pedestrian traffic in the area. So it’s very calm and nice to walk around without any car traffic.

Oh, and one of my top picks for restaurants on the island is right here: Lo Sfizio.

Marina Grande (Capri)

Marina Grande, the main harbour of Capri. The port is busy during the day, so not the best choice for a hotel.

Marina Grande is the busy ferry port on the Island of Capri. Plenty of restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops around. Very touristy, given all the ferries arrive here. Crowds flood the port during ferry operating hours. Evenings bring a calmer atmosphere. But keep in mind that bars and restaurants here tend to close earlier compared to the center of Capri. So if you stay near the Marina Grande you may need to go up to the town, to find nice places to dine in and for some nightlife.

Lots of bars and restaurants are in Marina Grande. Most of them are not bad but are more catered towards tourists. Many serve more international dishes, like hamburgers and salads. And some are tourist traps. So for tasting authentic Italian cuisine, you should look elsewhere.

Marina Grande is nice to sit down for a cocktail. Or to having an aperitif on the seaside after the crowds are gone. But again, the bars in the Piazetta are usually open for longer, till late at night. So keep that in mind if you want to have options for some nightlife.

Pros, If you decide to stay in Marina Grande:

  • Easy beach access. The free public beach is nearby. Beach clubs also offer umbrellas and sun loungers to rent, around the area.
  • Good public transport options around. Easy to catch a bus towards Anacapri, or Capri. Or you can take the funicular to go up to the Piazetta too. Boat trips also start from Marina Grande, and you can find a place to rent boats here too.

Should you book a hotel in the Marina Grande area of Capri?

It’s to considering for a night or two, especially if you have lots of luggage. Otherwise, it is very crowded in the daytime. And services nearby cater more towards day-trippers. So it’s not ideal for having an authentic experience of the island.

Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola is home to one of Capri’s most spectacular beach clubs, Lo Scoglio Delle Sirene. 

The small free beach is often crowded, but it retains its charm.

There are plenty of great accommodation options here. Many hotels around offer sea view. With a panorama of the iconic Faraglioni rocks in the background. 

Marina Piccola is well connected with frequent bus services to other parts of Capri.

one of the best hotel in Marina Piccola: Hotel Weber Ambassador

Beachclub at Marina Piccola.

Where to stay in Anacapri?

When you book your accommodation in Anacapri, keep in mind the village expands over a vast area.

For easy access to restaurants and shops, try to book somewhere in the center or nearby. 

While the outer areas of Anacapri are charming, you might feel a bit secluded. And would need to walk or take a bus to reach the shops, entertainment options, and services.

The center of Anacapri

The village of Anacapri has a more laid-back vibe compared to Capri. But still offers plenty to see and do.

You can take the chairlift up to Mount Solaro. Visit the village’s little museums, like the Red House or The Villa San Michaele.

The unique painted pavements in the The church of St Michele Arcangelo are a must-see if you stay in Anacapri.

Streets and alleyways of the center are filled with shops and restaurants. Anacapri has a more local feel compared to Capri. You’ll find vegetable shops and small supermarkets around.

You can hop on a bus towards the Blue Grotto and visit it, without a boat tour. However, you’ll still need to get in a rowboat to enter the grotto itself. 

Anacapri has fantastic hiking opportunities. Perfect if you want to enjoy nature while in Capri.

Near the Lighthouse (Anacapri)

The road leading to the lighthouse in Anacapri feels like a hidden gem on the Isle of Capri.

Some of the most budget friendly accommodations are located in this area. You won’t find many restaurants or bars here. So if you wish to dine in the center of Anacapri you must take the bus or prepare to walk.

Otherwise, the area offers fantastic walks and trails. The lighthouse is one of the best sunset spots on the island. Plus, there’s an excellent beach and beach club nearby. If you don’t mind being a bit isolated, it can be a very romantic place to stay.

The Lighthouse of Anacapri.

Summary and Best Hotels to stay in Capri

My Choice of Stay in Capri:

Capri Town, The Center Near the Piazzetta.

If you don’t mind daytime crowds, staying in the center of Capri is a fantastic choice. The Piazetta and its immediate surroundings are the main hub of the Island. Very lively with elegant shops, restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife scene.

2 images: 1. Arched courtyard in Capri where we stayed in a rental apartmant. 2. The hotel room in Capri, near the Piazetta. Double bed in a mediterranean style apartment.

Where to stay near the center of Capri?

During one of our stays, we rented a fantastic B&B a short 5-minute walk from the Piazetta. Tucked away in a courtyard with charming arches. The apartment has classic Capri style architecture. A cozy and comfortable base to visit the Island. Check availability here: Stella Maris Apartment. It’s ideal for up to 4 people.

Another time, we stayed at Hotel La Floridiana. Which became my favorite hotel in Capri. You can find my in-depth review here.

Hotel room key at Floridiana. Hand holding it. The white bed with blue pillows are out of focus in the background.

Where to stay in Capri according to your budget

Of course, budget matters.

Typically, Capri tends to be pricier compared to Anacapri. You’ll find more budget-friendly accommodation options in Anacapri.

Capri can be quite expensive. But the good thing is that given the generally higher prices, the gap between B&B rooms and 4-star hotels isn’t huge. You can find fantastic deals on 4-star hotels during the shoulder season.

The swimming pool of Hotel La Floridiana from above. Capri, Italy.

If you’re traveling with more people, renting an apartment might save you some money. Especially during high season.

Some of the best luxury hotels in Capri:

Hotel Caesar Augustus (Anacapri)

Hotel La Scalinatella (Capri)

Casa Morgano (Capri)

And of course, there is the iconic Grand Hotel Quisisana, right in the center of Capri.