Walking from Minori to Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

Hi! This is a step-by-step guide on how to walk from Minori to Ravello.

Level curves map with the trail between Minori and Ravello highlighted in red.
Image courtesy of bergfex.at

Discovering the Amalfi Coast on Foot

If you see it on a map, the distance from Minori to Ravello is only 2 km by foot.

In reality, there is almost 400 m of elevation to cover.

And many flights of stairs to climb upwards. (Or downwards if you are descending from Ravello towards Minori.)

The hike from Minori to Ravello can take anywhere, between 1 to 2 hours. Depending on your speed and fitness level.

We did this hike recently (2024).

I’m happy to share with you the itinerary.

And, of course, the pictures taken on the path.

Plus you will find all the necessary information to do this excursion by yourself.

Why walk from Minori to Ravello?

I always say that the best way to see the Amalfi Coast is by walking.

Exploring on foot helps to experience the place on a deeper level.

Along the way, the panorama feels ever-changing. Admire the scenery of the sea and mountains. Take rewarding breaks between the climbs with splendid views of the Coastline.

See how locals pass their daily activities in gardening.

Stop to admire the secluded rural corners of the Amalfi Coast. Stumble upon ancient walls and little churches.

One of the best things to do on the Amalfi coast is to take the hidden footpaths and steps connecting the villages.

For centuries, the way of transport on Amalfi was by carrying goods with donkeys and mules.

Getting from village to village was possible only by foot.

By walking on these paths, you will experience the challenges of the locals.

The Amalfi Coast became Unesco World Heritage not only for its natural beauty. But also because of how people transformed the land. Generations built and maintained many agricultural terraces. To be able to cultivate the necessary things for survival.

Take the walk up from Minori to Ravello if you can, it’s a rewarding trek.

And Anyway, getting from Minori to Ravello by bus would require a change in Amalfi. And The buses are not very reliable. And it is not particularly enjoyable to ride them in traffic jams. That often occurs on Amalfi Drive…..

So, let’s walk instead!

What to expect on the trail?

Suitable for all fitness levels.

The pathway is in a rural area between houses and gardens.

No bars or shops along the way, so bring some water and snacks with you.

There will be benches along the path and 2 places with drinking water. But always bring your own water, just in case.

Walk at your pace and stop as often as you feel you need, as this is a lot of upward walking on stairs.

I walk long distances often, but my legs were sore, even some days after this hike from Minori to Ravello.

Trail Description and Step-by-Step Guide

Elevation: 400m

Walking time: 2 hours approx.

Trailhead: Minori, Via Cesare Carola near the Cemetery

Trail Conditions: Mostly paved pathways with a lots of stairs.

Screenshot from the app used ffor tracking the trail. Map with elevation curves, and red line indicating the path taken between Minori and Ravello. Under elevation data, with max altitude 369 meter. Distance 1.91 km and 54 minutes in motion.
Image courtesy of bergfex.at

The path we take is one of the most popular routes between Minori and Ravello. There is a maze of little ways between the two towns. The directions are well-signed and easy to follow.

The route starts from the square near the Cemetery of Minori. Then passes by the small village of Torello. And arrives in Ravello near the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium.

From there, is easy to find the main square and visit the famous Villa Rufolo or The Garden of Villa Cimbrone.

Starting Point: The Square near the Cemetery

There is a small square at the endpoint of the road Via Cesare Carola. A terrace with a fantastic view over Minori. You can see the shore and the coastline.

It’s worth coming up to this point for the panorama, even If you are not planning to walk all the way to Ravello.

To get here, take the steps from the Center of Minori. Walk along the Amalfi Drive to find the stairway “Via Strada Nuova” in front of the Palazzo Vinginius. Or simply follow the road “Via Cesare Carola“.

Climbing the steps, and enjoying the views

Via Cappella

The steps from the panoramic terrace are not particularly steep. There is a lot of space between each grade here at the beginning.

After a couple of flights of stairs, there is a little drinking fountain. From a bit above, you also have a good view in the other direction of the coast.

A scenery of the Amalfi Coast framed by foliage, opens up in the front.

This part of the coastline is the Marmorata area and is within the Ravello municipality.

The view of the Marmorata area. Coastline with promontory and houses far away. The image is naturally framed by lush, green foliage.

As you continue ascending, you’ll see the towering rocky cliff of Ravello.

At the very edge of the cliff is the famous Infinity Terrace of Villa Cimbrone. If you’ve got sharp eyesight, you might even spot the tiny white dots: The busts decorating the balcony.

The pathway is zigzags as you pass by lovely olive and citrus gardens.

Then under an arch, near a little chapel.

Near the chapel, one of the alternative roads from Minori is joining this route (Via Tuscarano).

The steps are also getting a bit steeper here.

After the turn, you are almost in Ravello!

In front of you, the modern building is the Auditorium. And the pinkish place above the auditorium is the famous Palazzo Avino.

On your right side, admire the immense green of the mountain peaks. The mountain range of the Peninsula is the Monte Lattari.

The little building on the top is the Convent Di San Nicola. There is also a small hidden village up inside the valley, Sambuco.

Torello Main Square

The church of the small hamlet of Torello, and the terrace like square with sea view.

Torello is a little hamlet. With a surprisingly spacious square, a church, and a sea view in its center. There are Benches to stop for a snack, and a water fountain too.

Church of St. Michael the Archangelo dates back to 1297. Its current facade features three arches supported by two columns. Inside, you’ll find three naves separated by colonnades. The church is only open during celebrations.

From here, it doesn’t take too much to arrive at the center of Ravello.

After a short break, we continue under the arched road (Via Torello). Another alternative path from Minori is joining the route. This one passes in a more rural area, between vineyards.

Tip: Plan to walk back to Minori after visiting Ravello? Consider taking this route for a change of scenery.

Approaching Ravello

We cross the motorway, that signs, that we are finally in Ravello.

From here is very easy to Walk To the center of Ravello.

The view of the village of Torello, and the coastline in the background.
The little hamlet of Torello and the view of the sea and mountain peaks.

Crossing the road, You can take the steep stairs (Via Traglio) in front of you to get to the Auditorium. We chose the balcony walkway on our left. And enjoy the panorama a little longer.

Following the Via S. Pietro alla Costa, there is a church with a portico. A cool place with shade, before entering the city center of Ravello.


Arched alleyway in Ravello. Ancient looking stone walls. Purple wistera flowers hanging down from the Villa Rufolo's garden above.

The main square of Ravello has many restaurants and bars, to relax after the hike. We really felt we earned our cappuccinos in the main square of Ravello. It was nice to lay back a bit and admire the facade of the Dome.

We visited the Villa Rufolo this time. You can also visit the Villa Cimbrone and the Infinity Terrace. And go souvenir shopping, and eat fabulous ice cream.

You will find a ton of information in my guide to Ravello. And tips on what to visit and where to get the best gelato.

After we visited the Villa Rufolo we decided to continue the hike. And this time we choose to walk down from Ravello to Atrani, but that’s another post!

Useful Information

If you are interested to walk the Path of Lemons between Minori and Maiori click here.

To book a Guided walking tour from Ravello to Minori and Maiori Click here.

This tour starts from Ravello, and includes the Path of Lemons too. You will also visit a Lemon orchard, and get a lot of insight about the territory.

General informations about the Amalfi Coast:

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Panoramic view from Ravello.

When you buy through links on my site, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to You. It keeps the blog 100% reader-supported and free of annoying ads. Thank you!