Villa Comunale garden di Vietri sul mare with beautiful ceramic decorations on the path and lush greenery after the rain and sea view in the background.

7 Things to do on The Amalfi Coast when it Rains

Image with text reading "7 things to do on a rainy day" overlaid on a photo of the coastline of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The image depicts green hills and mountains at dusk, and the sea shore with greyish clouds suggesting a rainy day. The panoramic view of the coastline and sea creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere

What comes to your mind when you think of a splendid holiday destination? Like the fabulous Amalfi Coast?

Perhaps enjoying the warm sunshine in the colorful coastal towns. And breathtaking views of the turquoise sea with the prettiest sunsets ever. Just “insert any other cliche description here”. But what about rain?…and more rain… and even more rain, like never-ending rainfall and overcast skies. Of course, this is to be expected in the Mediterranean climate “characterized by seasonal rainfall patterns” as the textbook says.

When the sea view from your balcony (if you’re lucky enough to have one) may vanish in white clouds and fog, and the horizon may dissolve into nothingness. Don’t despair!

Let’s see what you can do on the Amalfi Coast if the rainy days persist, after you’ve got tired of posing with your champagne glass under the dark gloom “pretending sunshine” for your Insta post.

You could spend your vacation days and stay cooped up in your hotel room under the covers…just kidding! Grab your destiny in your hands, as you have done many times before. Arm yourself with an umbrella and/or a raincoat, and it’s time to start exploring! Hopefully, as you venture out on the road, you will encounter many small wonders waiting for you around every corner.

The panorama of Maiori and the coastline in a rainy day, Amalfi Coast, Italy. Green hills and mountains at dusk, the sea shore with greyish clouds.
The panorama of Maiori and the coastline on a rainy day, Amalfi Coast, Italy © Veronika Pfeiffer

So, do rainy days persist during your Amalfi Coast vacation?

Here’s your guide with 7 things to do.

Most of them are free or under 10 euros.

  1. Ceramic Museum Raito:

  2. The ceramic museum is inside Villa Guariglia and has free entry. Opening hours are Tuesday-Saturday: 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and Sunday: 9:30 a.m.- 1 p.m. The museum is closed on Mondays. To get there, take Bus Number 1 Busitalia from Salerno or Vietri Sul Mare, or Bus Nr. 68 from Vietri Sul Mare or Marina Di Vietri. The address is SP75, 7, 84019 Vietri sul Mare SA.
    Hand painted Vietri ceramics decorating a wall. the quaint ceramic pieces are hand painted, dominantly blue and yellow. They have sun flowers, lemons and grape painted on them. The ceramics are hanging on a charming old wall
    Charming pieces of ceramic decorating a wall in Raito, Vietri Sul Mare© Veronika Pfeiffer
  3. Villa Romana-Minori:

  4. The archaeological site of Roman ruins on the Amalfi Coast dating back to the 1st century has free entry. Opening hours are Tuesday-Saturday: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday: 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. The site is closed on Mondays. To get there, take Bus Sita Amalfi-Salerno/Salerno Amalfi and get off at the stop Hotel 7 Bello (Minori). The address is Via Capo di Piazza, 28, 84010 Minori SA.
  5. Maiori Botanical Gardens (Giardino Esotico Beniamino Maiori):

  6. The gardens are part of Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro and are open to the public. A funicular will take you there to see classic Mediterranean terraces occupied by a variety of cacti plants. Entry fee with funicular included is 5 euros. Opening hours are every day from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. (to verify). To get there, take Bus Sita Amalfi-Salerno/Salerno Amalfi and get off at Maiori Centro (Bar Oriente). The address is Via Lazzaro, 25, 84010 Maiori SA.
    The view from the Botanical Gardens terrace in Maiori. The gardens are located at the Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro. In the picture, there is a terrace full of cactus plants, and neoclassical-style statues standing on the surrounding walls. The view includes the Amalfi coastline and the sea in the distance, which is almost completely covered in mist. The photo was taken on an overcast, rainy day.
    The terrace with cactus plants in overcast day, Botanical Garden, Maiori© Veronika Pfeiffer
  7. Museo della Carta Amalfi:

  8. Learn about the history of paper-making. The admission fee is 7 euros, with a guided tour included (4.50 euros without). Opening hours are between March 1st and October 31st, open every day from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. The museum is closed on Mondays from November 1st to December 23rd. To get there, take a bus to Amalfi, then walk up along the main road for 10-15 minutes. The museum will be on your left side. The address is Via Delle Cartiere, 24, 84011 Amalfi SA.
    A photo of several sheets of handmade paper hanging from a clothesline.
    Sheets of handmade paper hanging from a clothesline at Amalfi Paper Museum© Veronika Pfeiffer
  9. Plan a Visit to Salerno:

  10. The city offers multiple entertainment and sights. The Cathedral, the Arechi Castle, and the Corso are some of the main attractions. Wander around bookshops and the historic center of the city. Try some local street food. To get to Salerno, take Sita Bus Amalfi Salerno. The bus stop closest to the Cathedral is Lungomare Trieste Provincia or Provincia. Metro and train stop: Duomo – Via Vernieri.
    The street in Vietri Sul Mare, and ceramic shop selling souvenirs.
    Street in Vietri Sul Mare and ceramic shop selling souvenirs, Amalfi Coast Italy© Veronika Pfeiffer
  11. Shopping for Ceramics in Vietri Sul Mare:

  12. The charming town of Vietri Sul Mare is famous for its beautiful handmade ceramics. The famous “ceramica vietrese” and unique pottery items make excellent souvenirs to bring home.The main street of the town is packed with small ceramic shops and laboratories. Walk around the charming cobblestone streets, and try some local food while you’re there. Get in: By Sita Bus Amalfi- Salerno Bus Stop: Vietri (Piazza) Or Regional train from Salerno.
    A photo taken from above of the garden at Villa Communale in Vietri sul Mare on a rainy day. The steps leading down through the garden are visible in the front of the photo. In the background, the sea can be seen through the rain. The walls are decorated with colourful and vibrant ceramic tiles. The surface of the ground is wet from the rain. Lush green vegetation and trees are on the side.
    Villa Communale, Vietri Sul Mare, Amalfi Coast© Veronika Pfeiffer
  13. Visit the Villa Communale in Vietri Sul Mare

    From the Villa Communale you also can sea the Crestarella Beach with the watchtower. It’s a beautiful park worth visiting when you are in Vietri. It is decorated with colourful ceramics, and you can walk around for vivid selfie spots even on grey days, thanks to the decorative ceramic walls and fantastic panoramic views over the coast. The pathway smoothly goes down to the seaside. Get in by Bus Sita Salerno Amalfi / Amalfi- Salerno. Bus number 1 from Salerno or Raito, or by Regional train line from Salerno. Bus stop: Vietri (Salesiani). Address: Via Enrico de Marinis, 84019 Vietri sul Mare SA.

For more rainproof ideas, check out this list of fun things to do near Salerno.

An image of the entrance of a small ceramic shop in Vietri sul Mare. Ceramic pots, plates, postcards and other decorative items can be seen.
Ceramic shop in Vietri Sul Mare, Amalfi Coast Italy© Veronika Pfeiffer
Detail of on old wall decorated with broken ceramic in Raito, Vietri Sul Mare, Italy. The wall has two ceramic plate on it, both hand painted with lemons. Blue and yellow, The background is white wall with aloe pat in a pot and the sea with clouds.
Detail of on old wall decorated with broken ceramic in Raito, Vietri Sul Mare, Italy.© Veronika Pfeiffer

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Tourists can make there own paper at the Amalfi Paper Museum with the help of a guide. The visitors are using a wooden frame called "deckle" used in the paper-making process.
Make your own paper at Amalfi Paper Museum!