Vietri Sul Mare – The first Pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Vietri Sul Mare – The First Pearl

The Panoramic View of Vietri Sul Mare. The seaside, add the gulf of Salerno behind the village.

The Perfect Place to Start Your Amalfi Coast Trip

Vietri is the first village on the Amalfi Coast when coming from Salerno. It’s often called the “first pearl” of the Costa D’Amalfi.

If you’re planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast, Vietri Sul Mare should be on your itinerary.

Where is Vietri Sul Mare?

Vietri Sul Mare is a town located in the Southern Italian region of Campania and in the province of Salerno. And situated along the Tyrrhenian coast.

Vietri sul Mare is 5 km away from Salerno and 50 km from Naples via the highway. 

It is the only village on the Amalfi Coast with a train station.

Why Visit Vietri Sul Mare?

  • Easy Access by Train
  • Characteristic Historical Center
  • Affordable Accommodations
  • Spacious Seaside
  • Ceramic Production

Vietri is part of the national train system. So it’s easily accessible. There are many restaurants and bars. You can try the local cuisine of the Amalfi Coast. Compared to other villages in the area, Vietri has some budget-friendly accommodation.

Vietri Marina has a long beachfront. And usually with fewer crowds than other towns alongside the Amalfi Coast.

The town is world-famous for its hand-painted ceramic tradition.

Exploring Vietri Sul Mare

The little green donkey, made of Ceramic. Hand painted delighfull dunkey pottery in a top of a column. 
The donkey ffunctional as a flower pot, with red geranemum planted in the sack its carrying.

Vietri Sul Mare is divided into two main sections.

  • The upper town, known as Vietri Sul Mare
  • The lower seaside area, called Vietri Marina

The town extends on three levels due to its topography. 

On the sea level, you will find Vietri Marina. The shores, seaside cocktail bars, ad restaurants, and the promenade.

Most of the village is in the higher levels. 

The historical center is characteristic, full of cobblestone streets and alleyways. Every corner and wall has ceramic decorations.

This vibrant display of color is an integral part of the village’s identity.

Houses have little ceramics built in the walls and gates for decoration.

On the “Top level” there is the train station. It’s connected to the center by a public elevator, stairs, and roads.

What to Visit in Vietri Sul Mare

  • Villa Communale
  • The Historic Center
  • Church of Saint John the Baptist
  • Colorful Houses of the Marina
  • Faraglioni Rocks
  • Ceramic Museum
  • Solimene Ceramic Factory

The Villa Communale Park

A park decorated with ceramics, fun to walk around. The path has colourful ceramic railings made out of small tiles in a mosaic-like way. Also offers great views of the seaside.

Explore the Historical Center

Visit the Church of Saint John the Baptist. Walk through the narrow alleyways and admire the ceramic decorations present at every corner of the town. Don’t miss the curious little sight of the “Rota degli Orfani” while walking around.

Foundling Wheel (Rota degli Orfani)

The device, known as a “foundling wheel“. A wooden, cylindrical hatch, that allowed people to safely and anonymously leave newborn babies. It included a bell to alert caretakers and a slot for donations.

FFacade of the famous colourful houses in Vietri Marina. This is a deatil of the purplle wall with bright bllue window blinds open. many ceramic objectt incorporated in the wall.

The Colourful Houses of Vietri Marina

The colorful houses are the work of a talented local artist, Franco Di Mauro.

These bright and happy houses are a popular spot for thousands of tourists. Today, his work brings life and joy to the town.

They become a must-see landmark and are the most Instagrammed spot in the town.

The seaside of Vietri Sul Mare

The view of the Beach off Vietri Sul Mare in a sunny spring day.
The Seaside of Vietri Marina in a sunny spring day.

To reach the seaside from the town:

By Foot

You can walk down from the center. 

By Bus

There is also a local bus that brings you down to the beach. Look for a smaller type of minibus. Numbers 69 and 68 are going down to the seaside. You can take them at the beginning of Corso Umberto, in front of Gyda bar.

To be sure, ask the driver before boarding. If he is heading in the right direction. As the system can be a bit confusing. Just ask: “Marina? “

By Car

You can also drive down to Vietri Marina if you are by car. Plenty of parking spaces available near the beach. But you may have difficulty finding a spot during weekends and high season.

The beach of Vietri Marina

The beach is a mix of volcanic sand and small pebbles. The Marina seaside stretches almost 1 km long. It’s split in two by the Bonea River.

Beach Clubs

You’ll find many bathing establishments, or lidos, along the shoreline. These lidos rent out sunbeds and umbrellas. They’re great for families or anyone who needs amenities and comfort.

The lidos also provide showers. But always ask beforehand if you need a warm shower, as some only have cold water.

Many have bars and restaurants, so you can spend the whole day relaxing by the sea. The sunlounger prices vary by season and how close they are to the water. First-row chairs are more expensive.

Free Beaches in Vietri

The public beach has limited free sections. Here you can enjoy the sea on your own towel.

The Two Brothers Rock Formations

the icoic rock formation "Two Brothers". they are symbols of Vietri Sul Mare. Characterictic shaped builderss near each other in the tourquie sea near the shore. greenery is growing on the tp of the bulders. It a nestting placce of the albatroses.
The Two Broders: Iconic landmark of Vietri Sul Mare

The landmarks known as “Due Fratelli” are symbols of Vietri Sul Mare.

They even appear on the city’s coat of arms. They’re similar to the Faraglioni rocks in Capri.

“Due Fratelli” translates to “Two Brothers” in English.

The building of Solimene, Vietri Sul Mare.

Solimene Ceramic Factory

The most well-known ceramic maker of Vietri Sul Mare. The building of Solimene itself is worth seeing.

An impressive building with a facade fully covered in tiles. Made by the architect Paolo Soleri.

Entering their shop is an adventure in itself. And should not be missed when in Vietri sul mare.

The shop is enormous. I love to go there for scavenger hunts.

You can wander through stacks of ceramic plates. The inside is a maze of narrow paths between piles of ceramics.

The newest and trendiest collections are displayed at the front. But the back of the shop holds treasures and hand-painted masterpieces. There are unique pieces just waiting for you.

The shop assistants are friendly and ask if you need your pieces packed for travel. They’ll wrap your purchases in layers of bubble wrap to make sure they arrive home safely with you.

Provincial Ceramic Museum in the Villa Guariglia

There’s a small museum in Raito dedicated to ceramics. Raito is one of the satellite villages of Vietri sul Mare. The museum is in a historic villa with a lovely garden.

Raito is a nice place to take a walk around. You can get there easily by hopping on the local bus number 1. The bus stops near the main square (Piazza) in Vietri. The bus comes hourly and takes less than 15 minutes to get there.

What to do in Vietri Sul Mare?

Vietri is a great starting point for your boat tour. You can also rent a kayak to explore nearby hidden shores that are only reachable from the sea.

Boat tours in Vietri are more budget-friendly compared to Positano or Amalfi.

Take a walk around the city center, and explore the ceramic stores. Enjoy local food and shop for souvenirs.

The town’s promenade (lungomare) comes alive during the summer. There are many stalls selling souvenirs and handicrafts. It’s the perfect spot to grab an ice cream or enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

Cerammic shop in Viettri Sul Mare. The shop is filled with colorffull handd painnted pottery. Ffrom plates to statues, house ornament, ammphoras to frdige magnets.
Ceramic Shop in Vietri Sul Mare

Food and Drink in Vietri

  • Bar Russo: A local favorite for coffee and cocktails, Bar Russo offers a lovely terrace with stunning views. Don’t miss out on their delicious pastries!

Delicious Local Sweets to Try at Bar Russo

  • Lucia 34: Recommended by a local friend of mine. We absolutely loved to have dinner here. They serve fresh and delicious seafood. And unique pasta dishes that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Lucia 34 has outdoor seating in a little characteristic square.

Fantastic Dinner at the Restaurant Lucia34

  • Eco Del Mare is an ice cream shop and bar located down by the marina in Vietri. It’s my favorite spot for ice cream when I’m in town. They always have a wide variety of flavors to choose from, and their Fior di latte is one of the best.
  • AmaMi Lounge Bar is a laid-back, classic seaside spot to hang out. It’s great for enjoying cocktails or aperitifs. Open until late at night during the summer.

Avoid Bar Ariston on the Main Square. While it’s tempting to pop in for a coffee, many locals report being overcharged. It’s best to steer clear of this spot.

Restaurants that locals love: If you’re looking to eat somewhere off the beaten path, head to the small village of Dragonea above Vietri. It has two excellent restaurants that are popular with locals. Limoneto features a semi-covered terrace under lemon groves. While La Fattoria offers a cozy countryside vibe. You can drive up for dinner if you have a car, or take the bus number 1 and enjoy lunch at one of these hidden gems.

Where to Stay in Vietri Sul Mare?

Alleyway in Vietri Sul Mare. Arched Street with outside sitting are of a bar. Ceramic decoration on the walls.


Hotel Raito is a fantastic 4-star hotel.

The hotel’s terrace has an incredible view over Vietri and the Gulf of Salerno. Walking distance from Vietri, but also well connected with the local busses.

Mid-Range: Hotel Voce Del Mare

Budget: The area offers many budget-friendly Bnb-style accommodations.

Funny cerammic decorationns at the outside of the local restaurant lucia 34. Behind a real table of the restaurant, there is a mosaic on the wall. the mosaic feauters a silhutee off a couple enjoying dinner with a bottle of wine.

How long to stay?

Vietri is an ideal stop to add to your Amalfi Coast itinerary.

If you’re staying for a few days in The Amalfi Coast consider spending 1 or 2 nights in Vietri.

If you’re based in a nearby village like Minori or Maiori, you can take the ferry and spend a half day exploring the town.

How to get to Vietri Sul Mare?

  • By Train: Vietri Sul Mare is connected to the national train network. The Napoli-Salerno metropolitan train stops at the town.
  • From Salerno: You can catch a regional train from Salerno to Vietri.
  • Ferries and Buses: Ferries and SITA buses from Amalfi and other coastal towns are also options for reaching Vietri.

Local and Internal Bus Routes

Local small buses connect the satellite villages with the center of Vietri. Bus line 1 operates between Salerno, Vietri, Raito, and Dragonea. Look for red buses.

Bus lines 68 and 69 connect Vietri with Molina, Raito, and Albori. Many routes also go down to the seaside. Look for blue and grey minibuses. Both lines are operated by Busitalia. Note that line 1 does not run on Sundays.

The Sita Bus Stop in Vietri towards Amalfi

The SITA bus stop would be a great hub for travelers. Nearby, you’ll find a free toilet. Also car and scooter rental agency with luggage storage. A 24/7 vending machine for snacks and drinks.

But..there is a but… 

The buses tend to “forget” to stop here.

When they come from Salerno to Amalfi, the buses are often jam-packed. Since this is the first village on the route, rarely anyone gets off. The drivers may pass by when they see a crowd, thinking, there’s not enough space left on the already full bus.

This happens more often than you might expect. Not only during the high season. We experienced it even in April.

So, head down to Vietri Marina and take the ferry to avoid waiting for multiple buses. If the sea is calm enough for the ferries to run, it’s always a better choice than taking the bus.

People waiting to the ferry to dock in the ferry port of Vietri Marina.
Waiting for the Ferry to Amalfi at the pier of Marina di Vietri

Around Vietri Sul Mare

Day trips from Vietri

Getting to Positano from Vietri:

View of Positano

By Bus or Ferry: To reach Positano, you’ll need to change to another bus or ferry in Amalfi. Avoid taking the bus the whole way; it’s a long trip. Instead, take a bus to Amalfi, then switch to a ferry for a more pleasant journey to Positano. You can even take the ferry the whole way if you prefer.

Traveling from Vietri to Positano by bus takes at least 2 hours, not accounting for traffic or transfer time in Amalfi. Taking the ferry instead gets you there in just 50 minutes.

The cheapest way to travel from Vietri to Positano is by bus, which costs €4.80 one way.

By car: Positano is 37 km away from Vietri along the Amalfi Drive.

Check out my itinerary on what to visit in Positano.

Getting to Amalfi from Vietri

The bus takes around 1 hour, and the ticket cost 2,40 euro.

By car:

Amalfi is just a 20 km drive from Vietri, but traffic can make the trip long, and parking is scarce.

We recommend to park in Maiori and then take the bus or ferry to Amalfi. You’ll find more frequent bus services from Maiori to Amalfi than from Vietri to Amalfi.

Check out my guide to Amalfi.

Interio of the Ferry between Viteri and amalfi. Rows of wooden benches.
Inside of the Travelmar Ferry

The immediate surroundings of Vietri

There are many off-the-beaten-path spots to explore around Vietri. It has several satellite villages. The most charming ones are Albori and Raito.


A small fishing village on the Amalfi Coast. If you have time, this town is worth a visit. Only 25 minutes by bus from Vietri Sul Mare. Or even quicker with the ferry.

Albori Marina

This is a more hidden beach, outside of Vietri. It has some very small free section, and also beach clubs where you can rent sunbeds. You can also rent kayaks here. See my post on hidden beaches along the Amalfi Coast, to know how to get there.

Cava de’ Tirreni

A town near Vietri sul Mare, located inland rather than on the coast. It has plenty of bars, restaurants, and boutiques. Plus, it’s just one train stop away from Vietri sul Mare.