Camping In Sorrento the best budget friendly stay on the Amalfi Coast

Review of the Camping Santa Fortunata in Sorrento, Italy

After a fantastic stay in Capri, we boarded a ferry and headed to Sorrento for a long weekend.

We decided to try out this camping, as this was an economic option. And suitable for 4 people, as our friend from Napoli has joined us for the last 2 days.

If you would like to visit the Amalfi Coast on a budget, you are probably already considering basing yourself in Sorrento.
Although I am a big advocate of staying in one of the villages of the actual Amalfi Coast to experience the unique atmosphere, Sorrento has its merits as a base.

The Poolside of the Camping Village Santa Fortunata in Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento’s strategic location makes it easy to take day trips.

You can do day trips to Amalfi, Positano, Capri, and Pompeii. Visiting Pompeii requires more planning and logistics from Amalfi or Ravello, for example. So if Pompeii, Herculaneum, and a climb to the Vesuvius are on your itinerary, Sorrento as a base is a good choice for sure.

Capri is easily reachable from Amalfi or Positano too. But the closest point to the Island is Sorrento. And, the quickest ferry connection is from here, approximately 20 minutes. Some of the fast ferries take even less.

If you planning on camping in Sorrento or renting a bungalow in the Camping Village Santa Fortunata, I wrote this detailed review after our stay. I hope to help you decide if this place is a good choice for you.

If you love to be in nature, don’t mind being slightly outside of the city, and don’t need 4-star comfort when you travel, the Camping Santa Fortunata is perfect for you!

Bungalows with terrace under the olive trees, Santa Fortunata Camping

Although it’s a budget accommodation, it still has a lot to offer. Services like a shuttle bus, and a swimming pool too.

But the real deal is the private beach access, in my opinion!

The Camping Boasts its own private seaside, a feature lacking in many luxury hotels in the area. Undoubtedly a fantastic bonus.

The Camping has a Strategic Location

  • Sorrento is within walking distance.
  • Shuttle bus to and from Sorrento.
  • Nearby attraction: Bagni della Regina Giovanna.
  • Buses to Massa Lubrense to explore off-the-beaten-path beaches.

Great Facilities:

  • Private beach access
  • Swimming pool with sun loungers
  • You can rent motorbikes and boat tours
  • Restaurant with breakfast option
  • Washing machines and dryers are available

Different types of accommodations for various needs and budgets:

  • Campground for tents
  • Place for campers
  • Tree-house style tents
  • Bungalow with private bathroom
  • Bungalow with kitchen and private bathroom

After considering all the pros, let’s now mention some cons:

  • The Wi-Fi is not for free
  • Mobile internet can be spotty due to the expansive, hilly terrain.
  • To access the ferry or train from Sorrento, you first, must take a bus there.
  • While the bungalows are cozy and clean, but, of course not as comfortable as a luxurious hotel.
  • Limited dining options within the campground.

Introduction and first impressions

The campsite area is large! It’s about 60.000 mq.
A vast hillside territory with a lot of nature.

The panoramic view of Sorrento from the Camping

The camping stretches from the main road to the rocky seaside. Once, it was an olive garden. It’s full of olive and oak trees, creating a lovely ambiance.

Little robins sing to us from the olive tree branches by our terrace.
What a charming way to start the day!

The camping’s restaurant has breakfast options. A small supermarket is also located inside the structure.
Most bungalows have their own kitchen, so it’s perfect if you are on a budget and want to cook for yourself.

Different kinds of accommodations

The camping offers space for campers and tents.
And clean and comfy bungalows.
The bungalows have different sizes and comfort levels.

The smaller bungalows have 3 beds and a toilet. The bigger ones have 4 beds and come with a kitchen. All bungalows have a wooden platform terrace with tables.

The cheaper options are the tree house tents. If you don’t have your own tent but don’t mind staying in one, these are excellent options.

The shuttle bus service:

It’s a frequent service and much more reliable than public transport.
The shuttle bus costs 1.50, the same price as the regular bus.
But it is much easier to use, especially, if you’re unfamiliar with the local bus system.

Public Transport nearby:

The bus number 8 and the SITA bus stops just at the entrance of the campsite.
There are public buses from here to Massa Lubrense or to Marina di Cantone. Or in the opposite direction to Sorrento.

Payment methods and services:
Most of the services inside the campsite are cashless.
In the minimarket and in the restaurant you can only pay by card.
But you need coins for the shuttle bus.

If you want to do your laundry, there are washing machines. The washing machines and dryers, also work with coins.

Bike rental and boat tours:

In the reception, they were really friendly and helpful. You can also book a boat trip through them or rent a scooter.

You can rent a motorbike directly in the camping.
The minimum rental time is 12 hours.
They also have the iconic Vespa Piaggio models. (Price is, if I remember correctly 65 euros for Vespa and 45 euros for the other scooters). You can probably find a cheaper bike rental in the center of Sorrento. But it’s comfortable to have the option in loco.


The camping has a volleyball court, a field dedicated to playing football or basketball, and ping pong tables. So it’s ideal for a family vacation or for bigger groups; there are a lot of things to do inside the camping itself.

The poolside:

The swimming pool is a decent-sized. There are many sun loungers around the pool.
Use of the pool is free, and you can also use the lounge chairs free of charge.

There is a small dedicated pool for children.

You can only swim in the pool with a swim cup. Bring your own bathing cup, as buying it at the campsite may not be the cheapest.

There is a cozy poolside bar where you can enjoy a morning coffee. They also serve snacks if you don’t choose the breakfast option, which is served above, in the restaurant.

Check-in experience:

The first time when you check in, they will take you to your designated bungalow with a golf cart.
It’s a super cool experience, and you don’t need to drag your suitcases with you.

We arrived in the evening, it was already dark, and the place was huge. Maneuvering through the vast area on the golf cart felt disorientating. I was a little worried about how we would ever find our way back to the main entrance.

However, the girl driving us, assured us that the walking paths were shorter and more straightforward than they seemed. She was right.

From our bungalow, it was only a couple of minutes to walk to the swimming pool. And around 10 minutes to reach the main area where the restaurant and the minimarket are located.

There are plenty of communal showers and bathrooms if you are staying with a tent or camper, and they also seem in good condition and clean.

The private beach access of Sant Fortunata:

The camping has its own cement platform beach, which is a short walk downhill from the bungalows.
They close the little gate for the night, but only after sunset, so you can enjoy the last sunrays from the beach.
There are toilets and changing rooms on the beach.

Sunset view of Sorrento from the Camping’s private beach


I absolutely enjoyed our stay in Santa Fortunata.
What stood out most for me was the cozy terrace of our bungalow, under the olive trees with birdsong all around.
I loved to have breakfast here, with fresh mozzarella that we bought in Sorrento. And sitting outside in the evening, chatting over homemade meals. My Neapolitan friend prepared amazing dishes in the little kitchen of our bungalow.

So if you want to visit the Amalfi Coast on a budget and want to stay in Sorrento, check this place out.

You will find it under 2 different names on booking, but it’s the same structure.

Village Camping Santa Fortunata for the bungalows

Hostel Santa Fortunata for the tree house tents.

The campsite for tents and camper places are not available on booking, but you can book it on their site directly.

Places to visit nearby:

  1. The Swimming Hole and beaches of Baths of Queen Giovanna

One of the reasons that we chose this accommodation is because it’s so close to Bagni Regina Giovanna.
We went there for a day trip in spring, and I couldn’t wait to go back when the sea was warmer.
It was one of my favorite places to snorkel on the Amalfi Coast with rich underwater life.

Click here for kayak tour from Sorrento to Bagni Regina.

  1. Walk to Sorrento

Although the shuttle is comfortable, you should walk all the way to Sorrento from the campsite at least once!

There are stunning panoramic points on the way overlooking the Marina Grande of Sorrento and the Bay of Naples with the Vesuvius towering above the villages.

Most of the way has a pedestrian sidewalk, which is a luxury on the Amalfi Coast.

3. The village of Nerano, Marina del Cantone, and the Punta Campanella

Make use of the location, and explore some hidden gems: Take a day trip to Nerano and Marina di Cantone.

Nerano is a little village out of the beaten path, with a fantastic seaside called Marina del Cantone.
It’s a seaside filled with restaurants, and has fantastic public beaches.

You can also take a bus to Termini. From here, walk to the very tip of the Sorrentine Peninsula. The path to Punta Campanella is not so touristy, and it’s a relatively easy walk.
You can also hike from Nerano to the Bay of Ieranto.

Check out my guide on what to do in Sorrento for more tips.


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