15 Best things to do on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

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I’ve included a range of activities in this list, covering the iconic attractions you shouldn’t miss. And more adrenalin-driven experiences too. There are many things to do on the Amalfi Coast, from hiking and swimming to relaxing on the beaches.

But if you’re looking for something a bit different, don’t miss my compilation of the absolute best activities.

In the 15 things to do, you will find family-friendly places to visit and fun adventures like the zipline or kayaking. I will provide information on the most popular and best thing to do in Amalfi, the must-do boat tour.

1.Visit Ravello and it’s Iconic Garden

Ravello is famous for its villas and gardens. The Infinity Terrace is inside Villa Cimbrone. An iconic spot on the Amalfi Coast. A favorite for taking selfies. Here, white neoclassic statues and the infinite blue of the sea complement in harmony. You probably saw it in Christopher Nolan’s movie Tenet.
Another famous villa with a visitable garden is Villa Rufolo. It’s a garden filled with flowers and panoramic views. Villa Rufolo is also the place of the main stage during the Ravello Festival. Inside, you will find a tower with a panoramic terrace on the top for even more elevated views.
If you can only choose one, I recommend visiting Villa Rufolo, as it offers a better overall experience with its superior gardens. The main attraction at Villa Cimbrone, the Infinity Terrace, is truly spectacular. But on my last visit (June 2023), I found the gardens somewhat neglected.

The town of Ravello is not on the seaside. It’s on the top of a cliff. Because of this relative distance from the shore, Ravello is usually less busy than Amalfi or Positano. If you are on the Amalfi Coast for some days, it’s worth squeezing in at least a short visit to Ravello. Check out my detailed guide on Ravello for more.

2. Rent a Boat and Find Your Corner of Paradise

For the best perspective of the Coastline, you have to see it from the sea. The high and steep mountains are spectacular to watch from a boat. Amalfi Coast presents itself differently from the water. Experience the plunging and towering landscape from the sea is a must. You will have a better and more complete view of the scenery.

Also, the best way to escape the crowds is by boat. The Amalfi Coast is crowded in high season, and the small beaches fill up quickly. A bout trip will give you the freedom to explore the shore. Discover hidden beaches, swim in the clean water, and snorkel around.

If you don’t want to drive a boat, you can join a boat tour, preferably a smaller one with just a few people. If you’re near Vietri sul Mare, I recommend renting from www.vietrinoleggiobarche.it. The owner speaks fluent English. Here, You can rent boats without a skipper, or they can also arrange a boat tour for you.

 Check out Small group boat tours from Amalfi.

3. Do a Lemon Tour on the Amalfi Coast

Take a tour to visit one of the lemon gardens on the Amalfi Coast. This is one of the best things to do in the area.

Lemons are iconic to Amalfi and Sorrento. The Sfusato Amalfitano is the local variety of lemon. Many farms offer lemon-themed activities, from visiting orchards to full-day experiences with lemon-themed cooking classes or limoncello tasting. Make sure to try limoncello, the signature drink of the Amalfi Coast. It might taste unusual at first try but your palate will adjust to its unique flavor.

The lemon orchards are at their best from early spring till June and July, when locals gradually start to harvest. The Harvest season begins earlier closer to the coast, and later in the inside of the valleys.

But even if you are on the Amalfi Coast in late summer or autumn, I suggest you do a lemon tour. You can still learn about the lemons and their multiple uses during a farm tour. And also try lemon-based foods and drinks. Lemon jam is one of my favorite local delicacies.

4.Spend a Day around Punta Campanella

Punta Campanella is part of the marine reserve and an excellent place for hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. The Natural Marine Reserve is on the tip of Sorrento Peninsula. There are different trails in the area. One of the most popular trails leads to the Bay of Ieranto. This path starts from the village of Nerano. To reach the bay, it takes a bit more than 1 hour of walking.

The Ieranto Bay is also the base of the volunteer organization Project M.A.R.E. They promote ambient education and protect sea turtles. You can join kayak tours and learn about marine biology at the conservation center. For nature enthusiasts, it’s a highly recommended activity. https://www.marineadventures.org/en/ Check out their website for information on their programs and contacts.

On the official website of the Marine Reserve, you will find information about courses in marine biology and tourist activities like diving as well.

Other hiking trails in the Punta Campanella area begin from the village of Termini. One leads you to the tip of the peninsula. The walk has scenic views of Capri Island. The hike is flat and easy, suitable for all fitness levels. Also, great for families with kids. At the endpoint, there is a lighthouse and an ancient watchtower. Bring sunscreen and a hat since there is no shade along the path. So the route can get very hot even in springtime.
You can also climb up on the Mount San Constanzo. Visit the white church of Sant Costanzo at the top. Bring along a light jacket, as it can be pretty windy up there.

Pro tip: Have a break at the small family-owned bodega and try their lemon granita. They are at the beginning of the path going up to the church in Termini.
I must say, this is one of the best lemon granitas I’ve ever had. Consume it slowly to avoid the brain freeze—I’ve warned you!
(Granita is an Italian treat of semi-frozen water, lemon juice, and sugar.)

5. Fly on a Zipline in Furore

Furore is nicknamed as the “invisible town,” as it is expanded on the hill and is not visible from the main road. So you will probably surprised, that it’s home to a zipline. The fly is above the same valley with the famous Furore Fjord at the bottom.

The zipline spans between Furore and Conca dei Marini. Open from 9 am to 1 pm. The zipline is closed on Mondays.

To get there from Amalfi or Positano, drive up toward the direction of Agerola at the intersection. Follow the signs indicating “Zipline Furore.”
It’s in the Località Schiato on the road called Aldo Moro. The address is Via Aldo Moro, 1, 84010 Furore SA. Parking is available on the roadside.
You can also take the SITA Bus direction Agerola to get there.

This adventure offers a fun way to experience the landscape of the Amalfi Coast. Perfect if you’re seeking adrenaline-driven activities after relaxing on the beaches.

The zipline is a memorable thing to do if you’re feeling adventurous. Book the Zipline with our affiliate partner now.

6. Visit the Town of Amalfi and the Iconic Duomo

No visit to the Amalfi Coast is complete without seeing the Cathedral of Amalfi. Also, visit the attached cloister—the Cloister of Paradise—a courtyard with white, pointy-arched colonnades around it. The main square of Amalfi can be very busy with tourists, but it’s definitely worth a visit. If you’re interested in history, you’ll find the Arsenal Museum worth visiting; it’s a maritime museum about the history of the Amalfi Republic. Don’t miss the Paper Museum as well. For a detailed itinerary of the Town of Amalfi, read my guide. You will find all the information you need on museums and opening times. And tips for nearby hikes too.

Visiting the center of Amalfi is one of the best things to do if you enjoy sightseeing and souvenir shopping. Try the Amalfi Lemons filled with lemon sorbet.

7. Rent a Kayak and explore the Coastline

Kayaking is a popular activity along the Amalfi Coast.
We rented a kayak from Vietri and explored the eastern shoreline of the Amalfi Coast. We arrived at one of the best beaches on the Amalfi coast. The Cauco beach near Erchie is a beach cove with shallow and inviting water. This gem is only reachable by sea.

The coastline is full of hidden coves and bays to explore. Kayaking is an excellent way to do it. Most main beaches along the coast offer kayak or canoe rentals. Ask around at the Lidos (beach clubs). And if you don’t wish to go alone, join a tour.

There are fantastic beaches on the Sorrento side too. Regular kayak tours often include stops at stunning beaches in their itineraries. Like the Bagni Regina Giovanna near Sorrento.

Rent a Kayak Tour in Maiori.

Kayaking on the Amalfi Coast is one of the best things to do if you want to combine sports and exploration.

8. Learn to make local dishes while on the Amalfi Coast. Join a cooking class!

There are plenty of places offering cooking classes. You can choose between farms, homes, or restaurants. I recommend trying a cooking class that focuses on a local dish. Like this on in Minori. Here, you can learn to make N’dunderi. This is a variety of pasta similar to gnocchi. A specialty of the village of Minori that originates from Roman times.
One of the most popular and highest-rated cooking classes is by Heaven Garden Amalfi. They offer cooking classes with their own ingredients that you can pick from their garden.

9. Rent a Vespa and drive along the Amalfi Drive

The best way to explore the coast is by renting a scooter. Choose the iconic Italian motorbike, the Vespa to circle around in style. During high season, the Amalfi Coast can get crowded. While car drivers are stuck in traffic and searching for expensive parking spots, you can easily navigate on your Vespa. It’s a quick and fun way to town hopping. Free or cheap parking spots dedicated to motorbikes are usually available in every Amalfi town. Rent a scooter and stop by one of the iconic lemon stalls.

And take some great selfies with your red scooter against the yellow lemons. And the panoramic view of the coast in the background, of course.

Along the Amalfi drive, you will find multiple spots where you can easily pull over and take a break in your journey. Small coves along the roadside are the best panoramic spots. The smaller ones are only suitable for scooters, so you would miss out on them traveling by car or bus.

Renting a scooter is a fun and adventurous way to explore the Amalfi Coast. And it will give you a lot of freedom.

10. Try Watersports: Windsurfing, Paddle Boating, and Parasailing on the Amalfi Coast

There are different ways of enjoying the sea. You can find many active things to do when you are bored with lying on the beach.

Windsurfing is a fun thing to do. And you can try it in the village of Cetara. Windy days make windsurfing more enjoyable, but for beginners, it’s good to start with lighter winds. Cetara itself is a fishing village worth a visit. So after your windsurfing activity, try the local delicacy “collatura di Alici” in one of Cetara’s restaurants. The village is less touristy than the famous towns on the Amalfi Coast and worth a visit. https://www.windsurfingcetara.com/en/contatti.html

You can also do paddle boating and parasailing on the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast offers many water-related activities to try out. And make your holiday filled with fun.

11. Learn about local Ceramic Production and try to make your own.

Ceramics are everywhere along the Amalfi Coast. The town of Vietri Sul Mare is the most famous when it comes to ceramics. Vietri is the center of ceramic production on the Amalfi Coast. You can visit shops and laboratories here. Witness the artisans, hand painting their potteries. 

Buy fantastic souvenirs that are hand-made with care. Even better, take a course. You can create your own masterpiece. Some local laboratories offer the possibility to learn the art of pottery making.

Solimene stands as one of the renowned ceramic manufacturers in Vietri Sul Mare. A Visit to their large shop is worth it, even if you don’t plan to buy anything. The shop spans two distinct floors.

The Solimene Ceramics Factory’s building itself is worth to seeing. It has a unique and quirky look and was designed by the architect Paolo Soleri.

12. Visit the Observatory

The observatory itself is worth a visit. This area of the Amalfi Coast is beautiful for trekking. It’s in Agerola, in the locality of San Lazzaro. The town has a viewpoint and a park to walk around as well.

The Astronomical Observatory, or Planetario, hosts various events and exhibitions. Check their website for ticket prices and details. A visit to the Astronomical Observatory is a good activity for kids and families. Most events are in Italian, so contact them if they offer visits in English. Check out their page for info: https://osservatorio.astrocampania.it/

The address is: Via Salvatore di Giacomo, 7b, 80051 NA, Italy

13. Have lunch in a Farm stay (Agriturismo)

Agriturismo means a farm stay with a restaurant. You can visit one for lunch. Enjoy local, farm-fresh food. The kids can see the farm animals and even pet them. You can walk in nature and experience rural life. This family-friendly activity provides a chance to support local agriculture, immerse in the farm lifestyle, and learn about their products. Visiting an agriturismo is one of the most popular activities among locals. Italian families often spend their Sundays on these farm stays.
Or choices are:

Il Giardino Dorato, In Maiori (Via Casale, 20, 84010 Maiori SA, Italy)You can also book your stay in this fantastic farmhouse.

Il Cavalliere del Conti in Albori near Vietri Sul Mare (Via Capodimuro, 84019 Albori SA, Italy). They also offer accommodations.

14. Of course, visit Positano.

There are plenty of things to do in Positano.
But one of the best is taking a sunset boat tour here. The scenery of the vertical houses and the cliffs just after Positano is fantastic during sunset.
Light is magic during sunset, even on an overcast day. Sometimes even better, as the clouds turn purple at dusk. A colorful sunset will make you feel like sailing in a painting.

Book a sunset tour in Positano.

15. Visit a Roman Villa

The Amalfi coast was a popular holiday destination for the ancient Romans too. Testimony of this are the maritime villas along the coast.

I recommend you visit the Roman villa in Positano. You will learn how this town was already a popular holiday destination for the Romans. The villa in Positano has impressive paintings with unique particularities that can’t be found anywhere else, not even in Pompeii. They have a very informative guided visit in English. I really enjoyed my visit in this Museum.

There is another Roman villa you can visit in the village of Minori. The address of the Roman Villa in Minori is: Via Capo di Piazza, 28 84121 Minori SA.

And if you are going to the Bagni Regina Giovanna in Sorrento, here you are actually swimming near the ruins of a Roman Villa. The place is spectacular, and we saw a lot of underwater creatures snorkeling around in the bay.

Of course, more than the activities mentioned above, you can do day trips from the Amalfi Coast. Among the most popular are boat tours to the island of Capri or visits to the ancient ruins of Pompeii. And if the weather isn’t cooperating perfectly, don’t worry. Check out my guides to rainy-day activities as well. With day trips and sightseeing near Salerno and on the Amalfi Coast too.