7 Best Beaches on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Best Beaches on the Amalfi Coast.

Conveniently Organised From East to West.

  1. Vietri Marina
  2. Cauco Erchie
  3. Minori Main Beach
  4. Castiglione Ravello Beach
  5. Duoglio in Amalfi
  6. Fjord of Furore
  7. Fornillo in Positano

Explore from Secluded Coves to shores with Beach Clubs that offer All the Amenities You Need.

About this list

The beaches on this list aren’t ranked but arranged geographically. From the east to the west side of the coast. This order can be helpful if you’re looking for a spot close to where you’re staying. I selected them based on various factors. While most are easy to access, some of them offer better parking options, and a few are included because of their picturesque beauty. So keep reading to find your perfect spot.

I made this list for you! It has both hidden gems and famous beaches too. But I skipped the obvious ones like Marina Grande in Amalfi or Spiaggia Grande in Positano. You probably know those already! These iconic destinations likely require no introduction.

I’ve visited the coast countless times. Had the chance to stay here for months during the spring and summer of 2023. So this blog post is the result. It’s based on a lot of research and first-hand experience. My most recent visit lasted three months. This gave me the opportunity to really get to know the area well. Traveled in various ways, from public transport to road trips with a scooter along the Amalfi Coast and Sorrentine Peninsula.

The Amalfi Coast doesn’t have big sandy beaches because of how the land is shaped. Instead, you’ll find lots of hidden spots like coves, caves, and small bays.

I wish to help you to make your vacation better, by showing you some places that aren’t too crowded. Whether you’re already on the coast and searching for the best beach nearby, or trying to figure out where to stay, you can use this post as a guide. But remember, Amalfi is very popular, especially in August. So, if you want more private spots, you might need to explore places more off the beaten track. You could even rent a boat to find secret beaches along the shore, as most of the small coves and shores can only be reached by sea.

Are there free beaches on the Amalfi Coast?

Yes, along the Amalfi Coast, there are public beaches. These beaches have parts that you can use for free. On many beaches, you can rent sunchairs ( in the free areas too). I will note under every beach on the list, if it has free spots and where they are. Actually, all beaches on this list have free sections!

Notes on the beach clubs (lido) in Italy:

On the public beaches, you can also find bathing establishments. These places are called “lido.” in Italian.

These structures generally have changing rooms, toilets, hot and cold showers, and lifeguards.

You should know that some of these places only have cold showers, and they might ask you to pay extra to use them. Before renting the loungers, ask if the shower is included.
Most of these places have a bar, and many have restaurants too. You can get all kinds of food, from simple sandwiches to fancy seafood dishes (Depending on the lido). Some beach clubs are more basic, with a small bar and loungers to rent. Others are famous beach clubs with live music and entertainment as well. Like Arienzo in Positano and Lido on Fire in Praiano.

So let’s see the 7 best beaches from East to West on the Amalfi Coast:

Marina di Vietri (Vietri Sul Mare)

Vietri’s beach is on my list for a few good reasons: Firstly, it’s easy to get to because Vietri has a train station. Secondly, it’s bigger than the usual Amalfi beaches. It sits right in the middle of the village of Vietri Marina. And thirdly, there are spacious parking spots just next to the beach.

The beach is mostly sandy, mixed with little pebbles in some parts. A long shoreline with nice and clean water.

The shore is split in half by a river. Near the river, there’s also a small pier. From this pier, you can take the ferries to other towns on the Amalfi Coast.

On both sides, there are free sections. But these public areas are pretty small ( in the middle, around where the river divides). The beach in Vietri has many Bathing establishments (beach clubs).
They are called “Lido” in Italy. Here you can rent beach umbrellas and sun loungers. They have facilities like showers and more!

On the southern end of the shore (towards Salerno), you will spot Vietri’s famous landmark: Two big rocks in the sea called the “Due Fratelli,” which means “the two brothers” in English. These rock formations are the symbol of the city. They are seen on the town’s emblem too. They look similar to “Faraglioni” rocks in Capri. Right nearby, you’ll find a pier that’s a paradise for photos. Hidden behind is a fantastic little bar with a terrace. It’s a great place to have lemonade while admiring these famous rocks.

Around the Due Fratelli are the most Instagrammable spots in Vietri Sul Mare. But, if you wish to fly a drone, be cautious: The builders are nesting places for the seagulls. They did not attack our drone, but they were looking very threatening, for sure. So keep your distance when flying around.

If you want to go on a boat trip, then check out V2 Vietri Vacanze on the beach. You can rent traditional “gozzo” boats or canoes here.

Good to know:

During busy times, they might ask you to pay 1 euro to use the public beach. We didn’t see this in the early afternoon though.

Getting here is simple:

You can take a bus or a train to Vietri. If you are based in Salerno, it’s only a two-stop journey. To get to the shore, walk down from the city center. The local bus will bring you down to the beachside. In peak summer, the municipality operates several free shuttles in addition to the regular buses. The bus with the number 68 goes all the way down to the marina.

If you have a car, you can park just behind the beach: A luxury not many other places in Amalfi have. A good number of parking spaces are available on the northern side of the beach.

Cauco Beach near Erchie

Cauco Beach in Erchie is one of the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast. It’s a gorgeous cove in a protected setting, surrounded by cliffs. A shore with crystal clear water that you can see through. The shallow turquoise sea is so inviting here! There’s also a tiny stone islet, a small rock, right in the middle. You can only get to this beach by sea, but it’s worth the effort.

The beach is enclosed by cliffs and protected from strong winds by Cape Erchie.

On the Erchie Cape stands the ancient tower of Cerniola. This picturesque landmark is from the 1500s. The watchtower is the dot on the “i” of this charming shoreline.

Cauco’s shore is around 150 meters, with little pebbles. We visited during our full-day kayak tour from Vietri. It took us several hours to paddle here. The scenic beach is totally worth it. But you don’t have to go that far. Just grab a pedalo from Erchie, and you’re good to go.

How to get here? It’s easy! You can simply rent a kayak or a pedal boat from Erchie, which is nearby. Less than 10 minutes and you will reach Cauco Beach. Strong swimmers can circle around the rocky headland.

By boat or kayak, you have the advantage: Bring towels and snacks, because the beach doesn’t have facilities.

By car:

Park in Erchie, but parking spots can be limited, especially in July and August. Erchie is a less touristy village on the Amalfi coast. The small town has a lovely beach too.

By bus:

Sita bus from Salerno or Amalfi. There’s a bus stop in Erchie, but it might not be obvious. The bus won’t go into the village but stops on the road above. Make sure to ask the driver for guidance!

Minori Beach

View of Minori Beach on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. In the foreground, the turquoise blue sea gently meets the sandy shore. In the background, a part of the village of Minori on the hillside, its houses. Beyond, the coastal landscape extends, with the iconic cliffs of Ravello crowning the mountain's peak, making it one of the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast.
The beach of Minori, Amalfi Coast, Italy © Vero

Minori is a pretty town. Minori is popular with domestic tourists. It has a worth seeing stretch of beach, within the heart of the village.

If you are considering Minori as your base for the Amalfi Coast ( a very good idea indeed!), visit my post dedicated to the town of Minori. You can find tips on accommodations, restaurants, and top attractions there.

The lidos here have a good rating. Also, there is a pretty cool one with spa facilities. They offer a hydromassage bath and a little pool on the beach (on the westernmost edge of the shore). The neighbouring lido (California Beach) has a good rating of 4.2. too.
And you’ll find several other beach clubs available.

Free beach area is around the ferry pier.

The beach is sandy and gradually changes into pebbles closer to the water.

How to get here:

You can easily access this beach from many nearby towns along the Amalfi coast by ferry. From Maiori, board the ferry for a single stop. The ride lasts only 5 minutes and costs just 3 euros. If you’re starting from Amalfi, the journey takes a bit longer, around 10 minutes, and the ticket costs 5 euros.

If you’re traveling by car:

I recommend parking in Maiori. Here you’ll find more parking options. From Maiori, you can take a quick ferry ride to reach Minori. There’s a small parking area on the west side of the beach in Minori, but it tends to fill up quickly during the summer and weekends. You can also check out the parking lot Pioppi in Minori (Address: Via Pioppi, 8, 84010 Minori SA, Italy). Parking in this lot is 3 euro per hour for cars and 2 euro per hour for scooters and motorbikes.

Notes on the nearby beach of Maiori: I was debating whether to include Maiori’s or Minori’s Beach on my list.
Maiori’s beach is well known because it’s the longest along the coast (a bit longer than a half mile).
However, Minori’s Beach emerged as the winner. Despite being smaller, the beach clubs in Minori have way better ratings.

Even though Maiori has the longest beach on the Amalfi Coast, but free section on the beach is small. Reduced to a handkerchief lately. Renting two loungers and an umbrella can cost as much as 50 euros ( or more for front-row spots) in the High season. Also, I find it tricky to take an evening walk on the beach because of the rope dividing the different beach clubs. Still, Maiori itself is a family and budget-friendly place to stay on the Amalfi Coast.

Castiglione Ravello Beach

Castiglione Beach is right before the picturesque village of Atrani.

The view of the Beach in the Castiglione area, under Ravello and near Atrani. Turquoise sea water, and vulcanic dark sandy shore, pictured from above. Rocky cliffs and greenery on the side.
Castiglione beach from above, Amalfi Coast, Italy © Vero

This tiny bay has one of the most picturesque settings, between the Amalfi coast beaches. High rocks surround the shore. The village of Atrani towering above these steep cliffs. The church with the bell tower is a surreal backdrop: An absolute charm. Castiglione is a pretty shore with clear water.

The beach is mostly a free beach, with the Ravello Lido located in the middle.

The coastline has fine grey pebbles and limpid water.

It’s way less crowded than the main beach of Amalfi. And the setting is more secluded than the beach in Atrani. The Castiglione beach is within walking distance from Atrani or Amalfi too. Definitely one of the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast.

How to reach it?

Walk from Atrani, or Amalfi. You can take the bus. The bus stop is Castiglione.

This beach isn’t at street level; you need to walk down about 150 steps to reach the shore.
There’s no car parking available, but many motorbikes park on the roadside (It could be challenging to find a spot, even if you come with a scooter).

Castiglione is the beach of Ravello. It can be confusing as Ravello is not on the beachside. Ravello is located high up on the hill. But this beach is part of the Ravello municipality, Together with the seaside locality of Marmorata and Castiglione settlement

Duoglio Beach in Amalfi Town

I’ve visited all the other beaches on this list. Duoglio is the only one I have yet to go to.

But I heard it’s scenic. I put it on the list because it’s in Amalfi. And the town of Amalfi is a popular base. It’s helpful to know that the main beach isn’t your only option. Duoglio Bay is one of the best beaches in the town of Amalfi.

You can reach Il Duoglio by sea and land too. This beach has free sections and lidos (bathing establishments) too. They offer facilities, showers, and sun chairs are available for rent. So, Duoglio is a match for many different preferences.

This shore is a beach cove surrounded by cliffs. The place is picturesque and has a bit of hidden charm too. Also notably less crowded than Amalfi’s main beach(Marina Grande).

Rocky beach with small pebbles, washed by a clear and crystalline sea. The sea gets deeper here quickly as you go in. The shore is narrow and approximately 200 meters (650 feet), with fine grey pebbles.

How to get here?

Duoglio Beach is located 1 km from Amalfi. You’ll need to go down 400 steps to reach it. The steps are near Hotel Ninfa. 

By sea: You can reserve at the restaurant and take their boat to the beach. During high season there are also shuttle boats. Ask around Marina Grande to find them. Your hotel in Amalfi should have more information about these options.

As an alternative to Duglio, you can visit the beach next to it: Santa Croce. But this tiny bay you can only reach by boat. There are restaurants in Santa Croce Beach. They offer boat service from Marina Grande, Amalfi. They also rent out sunbeds (2 beds and an umbrella for 30 Euros as of 2023).

If your visit is in August, I suggest reserving your sun chair in advance. In Amalfi, a less touristy beach doesn’t mean it’ll be less crowded. Most beaches are small, with shores shorter than 100 meters. So during August, they will feel very crowded. For more secluded spots, you might want to consider a boat trip. 

Some people have reported encountering scammers who may approach them near the top of the steps. They falsely claim that you must reserve beach chairs to get to the beach or pay them. That is absolutely not true. Ignore them or tell them you’re not interested and only going to the restaurant (If you must say anything).  

Fjord of Furore

This beach made it onto both of my lists (on the one about secluded beaches and this one about the best beaches too). My absolute favourite and it will probably be yours too! This beach cove under the arched bridge has become iconic to the Amalfi Coast. It’s a very scenic experience to swim here.

Furore is one of the few completely free beaches on the Amalfi Coast. There are no beach clubs, bars, or restaurants here. But you’ll find a friendly man who rents sunchairs during sunny hours. Prices vary by month (it’s usually around 15 euros per sunbed). He also sells water. And if you’re feeling the vibe, he’s got bottles of Prosecco: make your vacation sparkle with a festive touch!
During the daytime, it’s busy in Furore Beach. But in the mornings and afternoons, you might have it to yourself if you’re lucky. Once the direct sun is gone, most people will leave. So late afternoon this is a perfect spot for taking amazing photos of your holiday; A true influencer paradise to create Instagrammable content.

Even though people call it a fjord, it’s not a fjord but a “ria.” Ria is a geological term to describe a coastal inlet formed by a river. A river valley gets filled up by the sea.
Fjords are formed by glaciers; When the glaciers melt, seawater fills in the valley, creating the fjord. So, it might look a bit like a fjord, it’s not the same geographically.

The small river gradually dries out over the summer months leaving more space for bathers in July and August. While the water here is clean, after heavy rains, the river can bring debris from the mountains, causing the bay to appear somewhat grey in the next day. So, it’s best to avoid visiting after a stormy day.

How to get here?

The beach is between Positano and Amalfi, making it easy to incorporate into a day trip. There’s a bus stop on the bridge, where the steps begin to go down to the shore. During peak hours, buses don’t always stop if they’re full and a crowd is waiting to board. You may need to walk.

Fornillo Beach in Positano

Fornillo is one of Positano’s lesser-known beaches.

It’s only a short walk from the Spiaggia Grande. But you can still totally miss it even after days of staying in town.

It’s a short walk from the main beach, or take the other way from up to the main street. Here you can also find a private parking lot.
Not as crowded as the main beach in Positano, but still quite popular.
During May, June, and September, Fornillo is usually comfortable and not overcrowded.
Lovely long shore mostly with small pebbles. One of the best beaches around. You can feel the beauty and relaxed atmosphere of Positano here too.
The pathway that connects Fornillo with the main beach is a charming route. Walking from the main beach to Fornillo, you’ll find many chances to stop and take great photos.

You have a variety of beach clubs, bars, and restaurants to choose from.

Renting chairs, umbrellas, and other things is generally cheaper here than on the main beach.

The farthest part of the beach has some big rocks and a natural, wild appearance. It’s a good place for snorkeling.

Fornillo Beach in Positano has free sections. Arriving from the main beach, the first small cove is a free area. Also, the other edge further along the shore after the beach clubs is a free beach area.

How to get here?

To get to Fornillo, you can take a bus to Positano and then walk down the small street named Fornillo. Or take the other pathway from the Spiaggia Grande. You can reach Positano directly by bus from Amalfi or Sorrento. There’s also a ferry that goes to Spiaggia Grande. Positano has direct boat connections to Sorrento, Amalfi, Napoli, and even Capri.

You can plan a day trip to Fornillo from Napoli. But it’s recommended to rent a car or hire a driver, as during it one day with public transport could be challenging.

If you are visiting Positano, check out my itinerary with more tips on beaches and things to do.

Other beaches in the Sorrento Peninsula:

In this post, I have listed the best beaches that are on the Amalfi Coast itself. Still, the Sorrentine Peninsula has many more fantastic beaches. On the Amalfi Coast side, just after Positano and also around Sorrento, you’ll find beaches to every taste. Some very secluded ones to those that are easier to access.

Nerano has a lovely seaside: Marina del Cantone. Nearby, you’ll find Conca del Sogno, the famous beach club.

If you like trekking then Fiordo di Crapolla and Punta Campanella with Ieranto Bay is absolutely for you.

For a secluded experience, you can choose Tordigliano. Surprisingly close to Positano. It’s hidden away, and to reach it by land, you need to have an adventurous spirit. Information about Tordiglione is available in my other blog post: where you can find a list of more hidden beaches with fewer crowds.

The best way to find your own private beach:

While the main beaches in Amalfi town can be incredibly crowded, the coast offers an abundance of small and picturesque beach coves, grottos, and fantastic shores. If you want to explore these gems, the best is to rent a boat. Or join a boat tour. Viewing the Coastline from the sea is a must-do. You have to see the towering cliffs, and tiny villages nestled in high valleys from their best angles.

Bagni Regina Giovanna in Sorrento

My favourite beach in the Sorrento area is definitely Bagni Regina Giovanna.

Although it gets crowded early in the season, it’s worth a visit. Several places in Sorrento offer kayak tours that include this spot in their itineraries.

Amalfi vs. Cilento Coastline

Amalfi has some fine beaches, but most of them are small, secluded coves, often rocky or pebbly shores. The coastline is very rugged. You won’t find long stretches of sandy beaches here. Despite the clear water, boat traffic can sometimes make it less serene. If you’re looking for long sandy stretches of free beaches, consider a trip to the nearby Cilento region.

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this post, join my newsletter, to discover more hidden gems, tips, and exclusive insights for an unforgettable vacation! Hope you will find your favourite beach along the Amalfi Coast!