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Hi! I’m Vero, and this is the story of my blog About the Amalfi Coast:

I spent over a decade living in Italy. First in the Cilento region, then in Napoli. So Amalfi was always nearby. I visited the Amalfi Coast countless times for long weekends and spontaneous day trips.

During my typical day trip, I would stop at Pansa in Amalfi for chocolate-dipped orange peels, then visit famous sights, like the Paradise Cloister or the Gardens of Ravello. But the true highlights for me were the hikes in the surrounding mountains.

I have always loved hiking in Monti Lattari, finding wild orchids in late summer, witnessing the crocuses at the end of winter, and walking between the carpet of cyclamens in spring. Then summer comes: Instead of the pinks and purples, yellow dominates the hillsides. Ginestra bushes have their moment in June. Bougainvillea starts to frame pictures. Purple is back again by August.

The atmosphere here was different than elsewhere in Campania. Space is arranged vertically, with mountains towering above the sea. Leaving little room for settlements and gardens. Yet, the hidden corners, trails, and villages to discover never seemed to exhaust. There was always a new path, a new hamlet to explore. Each deep valley of the Amalfi Coast held a distinct universe waiting to be discovered.

Since then, I traveled around Asia and South America and moved back to Budapest. But I never really left Italy. I returned whenever possible to visit places and friends.

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