The Path of the Gods (Sentieri degli Dei)

The Path of the Gods (Sentieri degli Dei)


  • GPS coordinates: 40.625117, 14.534947

Starting and Ending points: The Path of the Gods trail starts from Bomerano and ends in Nocelle. Other options: It is possible from Praiano or done as a loop for easier logistics. 

Starting from Bomerano direction towards Positano is the most popular way because the trail offers fantastic scenery ahead and a mostly descending path, making it easier to complete.

Hiking duration (Distance and time):

The distance between Bomerano and Nocelle is approximately 4.5 km. Calculate around three hours to complete the hike, considering potential stops for pictures, rest, and meals.

How to Reach the Starting Point in Bomerano? 

By Public transport: Buses run between Amalfi and Saint Lazzaro, with the closest bus stop to the starting point in Bomerano. 

By Ferry: You can take a ferry to Amalfi. The ferry company called Travelmar offers a shuttle service to the starting point.

Starting from Amalfi:
By public transport: Take the bus to the trailhead. Sita bus from Amalfi to San Lazzaro.

How to get back to Amalfi after completing the path?

Walk down from Nocelle to Positano and return to Amalfi by taking the bus from Positano.

From Positano: Take the bus to Amalfi, then the bus to Bomerano. Or take the ferry and opt for the shuttle bus.

If you don’t mind starting from Positano and doing most of the path upwards, you can go from Positano or Nocelle towards Bomerano.

How to get back to Positano?

Once you complete the hike in Agerola (Bomerano), take the bus to Amalfi, then change to the Sita bus to Positano. Alternatively, you can descend to Praiano at the last section of the path (Colle la Serra) to avoid multiple bus changes. At Praiano, you can catch any bus heading to Positano.

Starting from Praiano:
Accessing the trail Starting from Praiano requires climbing upwards on steep stairs. If you stay in Praiano, it’s an option to take the bus to Positano, transfer to the small bus to Nocelle, and begin the hike from the opposite direction. Then, finish the trail by descending the steps to Praiano

How to reach the starting point in Bomerano by driving?

You can use the given GPS coordinates.

If you go early or on weekdays, you will probably find parking at the beginning of the trail.

Come with a car or motorbike? Or stay in a hotel in Agerola?

Then you perhaps wish to hike the Path of the Gods as a loop.
That was exactly my choice too, and the provided maps and description represent this.

So how to hike it as a loop?

I started on the main path (numbered 317 cai) and walked on it until the point called Colle le Serra.
Here the trail divides into two paths: 317a and 317.
If you wish to make the loop: a good option is to take the upper trail (317a).
Only the beginning of this path looks difficult with some stone steps and steeper elevation. Afterward, it becomes smoother and is mostly even in altitude (compared to the main trail above).
The view is fantastic from here, and you can also keep an eye on the main path heading below you.
Once you reach the point (), you can simply walk back on Trail 317 and complete the loop.

You can also continue until Nocelle or the viewpoint before Nocelle; they are worth it.

This section has more shade than the previous one, but also more descent that you have to walk back if you wish to do the loop and end up in Bomerano again, so keep that in mind. The provided map goes only to the first viewpoint before Nocelle. From here, to reach Nocelle, count an additional 50 minutes.

Safety on the Trail:

Hiking Alone or with a Guide?

The Path of Gods is well-maintained and can get busy. If you plan to go alone, consider hiking on weekends when more people are on the trail. The trail is well-marked. You can also try to plan with others from your hotel to walk together.

Phone signal:

There is a phone signal in some parts, but it can be spotty on the trail.

What to wear?

Important to wear good hiking shoes. The trail presents uneven terrain and slippery rocks in certain sections, making sturdy footwear with excellent grip essential.

What to Bring with you when hiking on the Sentiero degli Dei?

Always go with good shoes and bring plenty of water!

As the hike can take several hours, pack a light lunch.

In Spring and Summer:
Bring a hat and sun cream. The sun shines brightly, and many sections of the path are exposed to the sun with little to no shade.
The higher altitudes can be particularly susceptible to sunburn, so taking precautions is vital.
It’s best to wear long-sleeved linen clothing for sun protection. Good hiking shoes and water are always necessary. Do not attempt to hike this trail wearing flip-flops.

In Autumn and Winter: Bring a raincoat, windbreaker, and warm clothes. Weather conditions can change quickly, and sun protection is needed on sunny winter days.

When is the best time of the year to hike on the Path of the Gods?

Spring or Autumn are the best seasons for the Path of the Gods.

During winter: It’s a good time for avoiding crowds and experiencing solitude on the trail, but be cautious about changing weather conditions. Most of the cafes will probably be closed along the trail in off-season, so bring snacks and pack a lunch for the hike.

In Summer: Note that summer can be hot and crowded. Bring plenty of water and protect yourself from the sun. It’s better to start early in the morning.