Capri Travel Guide 2024:Top Attractions, Insider Tips, and Things to do

Capri is the ultimate escape.

On the Amalfi Coast, you must actively deal with logistics: Traffic, narrow roads, and the quest for parking spots.

It doesn’t matter if you are taking a bus or limousine with a driver, you will be affected at least a tiny bit. Of course, once you reach Positano, you can take a breath, you’ve entered the bubble.

But that bubble is still attached to a landmass.

Capri’s bubble isn’t.

It’s totally isolated, an Island.

In metaphorical and geographical terms it’s far less connected to your everyday problems.

Capri’s beauty is impressive. You can casually walk around and still have a fantastic experience. The island is perfect for wandering around and exploring it at a relaxed holiday pace.

However, the island offers many activities to do and places to see:
It’s possible to choose between hiking routes, landmarks, and sightseeing. Or take the chairlift in Anacapri to Mount Solaro. Visit the ruins of the Emperor Tiberius palace if you like Roman history. Enjoy the many viewpoints with stunning panoramas. I will cover all this in my blog post.

A must-do activity is the boat tour around the island. You’ll get to admire the rocky and wild coastline from the sea. Getting up close to the Faraglioni Rocks and entering the Blue Grotto will surely make your vacation memorable.

If you are staying on the Amalfi Coast, Capri is an ideal destination for a day trip. And a great escape from the busy metropolis of Napoli. The island feels like a relaxing resort, making your holiday even more enjoyable.

I suggest adding Capri to your travel plans and staying on the island for at least a night or two.

What to See and Do in Capri

Visit The Piazetta

If you’re a first-time visitor to Capri, don’t miss the main square.

In Italian, “Piazetta” means “Little Square,” but it’s far from insignificant. It’s the hub of social life on the island. Piazetta of Capri is filled with cafes, with lots of open-air sitting, perfect to hang out.

After, head to one of the panoramic viewpoints to see the iconic rock formations in the sea – the Faraglioini.

Walking around Capri is a fantastic experience. Most of the town is pedestrian-only. Places you can only reach by foot. The little alleyways, ever-changing views, colorful flowers, and well-maintained houses will keep you entertained for a while, during your visit.

Panoramic Terraces and Viewpoints

Punta Cannone

One of my favorite panoramic spots that I recommend you visit is Punta Cannone. This viewpoint is a short 20-minute walk from the Piazetta. It’s picture-perfect, with a wavy fence in the foreground, foliage framing the sides of the picture, and the blue sea with the Faraglioni rocks in the distance. Here you can take fantastic photographs. An ideal place to capture your Capri adventure in a single, perfect composition.

My very first trip to Capri led me to this panoramic spot. I suspect this is where I fell in love with this picturesque island.

Punta Tragara and Piazzetta Noci

There are several other free panoramic spots around Capri.

Like Punta Tragara and Piazzetta Noci, to name a few.

If you are here only for a day trip, it’s best to pick one.

Walking between view points can be time-consuming. Roads radiating from the main square like a spider web, with limited connections between them. Often, you will need to return to the center before taking another path to reach other sights.

Even though the Island and the town are relatively small, it can take some time. The walk between Punta Cannone and Tragara takes around 50 minutes, for example.

If you only have a day in Capri, I suggest you choose one panoramic point when planning your trip. Of course, you can cover more of these stunning spots with 2- 3 days on the Island. They are great for watching the sunset too.

Things to Do in Capri

Boat tours, of course, as swimming and snorkeling, but you can also go kayaking. Or try cooking classes.

Two boats are heading towards the Faraglioni rocks at sunset. The boats are making a white trail left behind in the dark blue sea.

Boat Tours Along Capri

A boat tour around Capri is a must-do when on the island. And it will definitely be one of the highlights of your holiday.

Join a sherd Boat tour around Capri.

Half-day Privat Boat tour Capri.

What to expect on a boat tour?

Sailing around Capri reveals its scenic wonders. The island’s beauty is a backdrop from a perfect Italian movie, yet it is all part of your real-life journey.

Most boat tours around the island start from Marina Grande.

If you follow the route clockwise, your first spot is the iconic statue perched on a cliff. Gennaro is a little bronze boy sitting on the top of a rock. He is welcoming all visitors of Capri with a friendly wave. Legend says that if you wave back, you’ll ensure your return to Capri.

Continuing your boat tour, you’ll approach the Fragliolini. The huge boulders in the water are iconic landmarks of Capri. They are majestic from close up. Smaller boats can navigate under the natural arch of the boulder. On this side of the island, there are some fantastic spots for swimming. The water is so clear you can see the seafloor even when it’s several meters deep. These locations are close to high cliffs and steep walls and can only be reached by boat. Remember to pack your snorkeling gear for a stunning experience and observe some underwater life. Or ask your tour operator, as many of them provide snorkeling gear.

As you continue your tour around the island, you’ll eventually reach the Anacapri side, where you can catch sight of the lighthouse.
Here, you’ll also come across the famous Blue Grotto.

Visiting the Blue Grotto

Most Capri boat tours include this sight in their itinerary. However, you may need to wait in the line of boats before your boat is allowed to enter.

If you want to visit the Blue Grotto, read my blog post, which has all the information you need before going.

Swimming at Marina Piccola

“Marina Piccola” means “little harbor” in Italian. It’s a good spot for swimming. There is a small but free section to lay on the shore.

Marina Piccola Beach is one of the most popular in Capri.

The beach is easily accessible from the town, with regular buses coming down.

You can also walk here. From La Piazzetta, a 30-minute walk will bring you to Marina Piccola.
It can get quite crowded, but it has a charming appeal that makes the crowds bearable.

The free section of the beach is pleasant. But it’s best to arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon. During peak hours, it becomes a bit narrow. And the little space feels up with beachgoers quickly. So, it could be challenging to find a spot for your towel.

There is a little natural rock arch in the bay inside the water. The rock arch is very close to the shore. You can also take a swim under it.

We visited in July, and the water looked very clean, even with many people swimming around. It was a great experience to swim in such a picturesque little paradise.

We came here one day in the afternoon and the next day around 10 in the morning. The afternoon was way more manageable in terms of crowds, and it was still sunny.

On the other side of the lido, you’ll find the loungers. They offer some stunning options for relaxing by the water. The beach club Le Sirene has some fantastic lounging areas and sun chairs with a spectacular view of the Faraglioni rocks.

What else to do?

Capri is also an ideal destination for hiking.

There are many trails that allow you to see the Island’s wilder side. You can hike up to the highest point on the Island, Mount Solaro. Or trek to the Lighthouse of Anacapri.

Chairlift in Anacapri

Do you prefer to reach Mount Solaro without sweating on an uphill walk?

There is good news! The chairlift in Anacapri will take you all the way up. And if you’d like, also back down.

Anacapri Chairlift

Places to visit during your stay in Capri:

There are some interesting villas and gardens to see during your trip to Capri:

Villa Lysis

Villa Lysis is a beautiful estate open to visitors. You can walk in its garden and admire the sea view. One of the most stunning spots is the viewpoint framed by neoclassical white columns. If you have a few days in Capri, it’s worth a visit. It’s a bit of a walk to reach Villa Lysis from the center, making it less ideal for day-trippers.

Entrance fee: 2 Euro 

Opening times: from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. (May closes earlier during winter and shoulder season)

Villa Jovis

To reach Villa Jovis from the Piazetta, you’ll need to walk about 40 minutes.

The walk is mostly uphill, with a constant slight slope to climb. Getting to Villa Jovis involves a long and sometimes steep hike. So be prepared for the hike and bring some water with you.
Villa Jovis was one of the residences of Emperor Tiberius, and you can explore its ruins. The villa is strategically located on the cliff, with fantastic views. The entrance fee is 6 euros, but there isn’t much description or information available on-site in English. Villa Jovis is open only from Tuesday to Sunday.

It opens at 10 a.m. and, during the high season, closes at 7 p.m. In the shoulder season, it closes around 4 p.m. During December, opens only for a few hours between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
To get here and visit the site, then walk back to the center, you will need at least 3 hours. So it’s not suitable for day-trippers. Come here if you plan to stay in Capri for a few days and are interested in Roman history and architecture. And goats, definitely come here if you are a fan of goats (I am). There are plenty in the area and in the nearby park.

On the way to Villa Jovis around 30 min into the road, you will find a little park. The park has free entrance but has limited opening hours. Here you will have stunning views of the island. Parco Astartia is a hidden gem in Capri, that you can check out on the way to Villa Jovis. the park is officially open from 10 a.m. to 2. p.m. but sometimes you can find it open later in the afternoon too. Goats are walking around, amusingly climbing rocks and walls. The kind elderly owner of the garden enjoys talking with visitors. While the entrance is free, it’s a nice gesture to give him a tip as a thank-you that he shares this garden with others.

San Michele Villa and Gardens

I’ve visited Capri a few times already, but I first learned about the San Michel Villa before my recent trip in 2023 when researching attractions. Honestly, I was so taken by the overall beauty of Capri that I hadn’t been actively seeking out sightseeing spots.

When I stumbled upon images of the villa, I knew I had to visit. It looked exceptionally unique and enchanting in the pictures, piquing my curiosity.
I wasn’t disappointed; it exceeded my expectations. Besides the villa itself, the gardens are truly fantastic. You know how places sometimes only have one stunning spot, and the rest is mediocre? Well, that’s not the case here. The whole estate is a gem, and you can sense the personality of its owner in the gardens and the artifacts he collected.
At the top of the villa, you’ll find a restaurant and café. I highly recommend stopping by because the views from the terrace are fantastic. It’s a lovely spot to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine at the end of your visit to the villa and the gardens.

Opening times: Sun-Sat 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Entry fee: 8 euro

How to get here?

Take any bus heading to Anacapri. There is a hotel with the same name, a stop next, so ask the driver to be sure.

Where to Eat and Drink in Capri

Local dishes, fancy restaurants, patisseries, and mini markets ready to make you a sandwich are all available on the island.

Make a sandwich at the local Deli

We arrived around lunchtime, so we opted to make paninis instead of hurrying to our apartment and searching for a restaurant in a rush. (As most of the restaurants in Italy close around 3 and reopen only for the evening).
There’s a small supermarket at Marina Grande where they prepare custom paninis (panino means sandwich in Italian). You can pick your ingredients and choose your bread from what’s available. A classic Italian style choice is prosciutto crudo with mozzarella cheese. This combination is delicious and costs around 7 euros. This option is also budget-friendly.

Pro tip: You can whip up these paninis before your boat trip and bring them on the tour. Trust me, they’ll taste even better after a good swim!

The bars around Piazzetta (main square of Capri)

Piazzetta is the heart of Capri, and it serves as the epicenter of social life. Bars here are Made for people-watching. You may even spot a celebrity. Whether you prefer sipping a cappuccino during the daytime or cocktails in the evening, hanging around the Piazzetta and sitting in one of the main square’s cafés are part of a complete Capri experience. These places might not be the cheapest, but If you can, treat yourself to at least a cup of coffee at one of the Piazzetta bars.

My Restaurant Reviews and Recommendations in Capri:

Le Grotelle Restaurant, Capri.

Try Restaurante Le Grotelle when you’re in Capri. While it’s a bit of a walk from the center, it’s absolutely worth it.

The magic of Grotelle lies in its setting. The tables are set on a terrace with a panoramic view. And the restaurant itself is nestled under a semi-cave. It’s a truly unique place to dine on the island. One of my favorite dishes here is ravioli filled with mozzarella cheese.

Grotelle is one of Capri’s hidden gems, but it doesn’t have a lot of tables.

So make sure to reserve in advance.

To illustrate the importance of booking ahead, let me share a story from our visit. I had previously been at Grotelle and wanted to bring my family to this fantastic spot.

As we walked to the restaurant, we realized that others walking ahead of us had the same idea. The couple just before us was fortunate to secure the last available table that evening. We turned back to look for an alternative. Slightly disappointed and quite hungry at this point.

However, our luck changed when we encountered two elegant ladies chatting by a garden gate.

They appeared to be Capri regulars, so I approached them and asked for restaurant recommendations. Italians know their food, so getting advice from locals is a sure way to find a great meal. Without hesitation, they mentioned Grotelle

as one of the best spots in town. However, they quickly read the situation and realized we were too late to get a table there.

The ladies suggested alternatives: “There’s a restaurant nearby, but that’s all about the views and elegant ambiance. But if you’re looking for excellent food at a good price, you should head to Lo Sfizio. We followed their advice and walked another 10 minutes or so. It turned out to be a fantastic recommendation. I am grateful to those kind ladies for helping us find a delicious and memorable dining experience.

Lo Sfizio Restaurant, Capri.

They have a charming garden and some tables inside as well. They offer both seafood and non-seafood dishes. They also serve great and tasty pizza.

I have gluten intolerance and other food allergies. I felt very safe to eat here. The lady who served us (I think she’s the owner) was very attentive.

Service is efficient and courteous, and the food is delicious. I highly recommend this place.
The bill was surprisingly affordable by Capri standards (just slightly over 100 euros for the 4 of us).
I will be back on my next visit to Capri.

Buonocore Gelateria Pasticceria

Ice cream and Pastry shop.
My sisters became quite addicted to this place and visited it several times during our stay. (I mean, multiple times per day.)
The patisserie also offers gluten-free pastries. Most of them are based on almond flour. I tried one with pistachio, and it was good.
The interior of the store is small. The inside can become chaotic and overwhelming, with many people working and customers in line. Especially if you have sensory issues (like I do). They also serve good gelato (ice cream), and you can order it from the street outside, avoiding the chaotic indoor area, which is a plus.

Just some steps away from the Piazetta.

Ristorante Da Giorgio

During our stay, we decided to have lunch at a restaurant called Da Giorgio. It was recommended by our hotel owner. Although I loved our accommodation, I had mixed feelings about this restaurant. The waiter’s behavior towards a group of American ladies when he seated them involved whistling. Which seemed more akin to catcalling than what one would expect from an elegant restaurant. Or any restaurant, to be honest. Not very sophisticated, in my opinion.
If you have gluten intolerance then I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant either. They seemed to lack knowledge about cross-contamination.

Update: I checked the reviews, and many people felt frustrated by the waiters here. Even though they have a good panorama, I would advise finding another restaurant if you want to experience authentic Capri hospitality, as this one falls short in that regard. There are so many fantastic options, much better than this one.

Where to Stay in Capri?

Choosing where to stay in Capri helps if you understand how the island is divided into different areas. On the island of Capri, you’ll find two main villages: Capri and Anacapri.

In Capri village, there are three main areas:

Marina Grande: The main harbor of Capri where ferries and boats arrive. It’s a busy area with restaurants, shops, and a beach nearby where you can also swim.

Marina Piccola: A smaller harbor, located to the south of Capri village. On the opposite side of Marina Grande. It’s known for its beach clubs and scenic views of the Faraglioni rocks. You can also find the Hotel Weber Ambassador in this area. It’s a 5-star beachfront hotel with swimming pools and free shuttle service to the center.

La Piazzetta: This is the central square of Capri village and the heart of the Island. It’s a hub for dining, shopping, and people-watching. We stayed nearby in the apartment Stella Maris.

So where should you stay?

Anacapri Vs. Capri

For a Shorter period, definitely Capri. If you have a shorter period, a 2 or 3-day stay in Capri, and want a vibrant and bustling atmosphere with easy access to shops, restaurants, and the main attractions, then staying in Capri town is a great choice.
For a longer and more relaxed holiday, Anacapri is a stunning alternative. Here, You can escape the crowds and enjoy the island’s tranquility. Anacapri has a more laid-back atmosphere. An accommodation in Anacapri is also ideal if You plan on trekking and exploring nature and beautiful landscapes.

My personal Hotel Recommendations:

We stayed at Stella Maris Apartman, in the center of Capri

During our visit, we stayed in a centrally located apartment. It was just a few steps from Piazzetta. I booked it last minute, not expecting much, but it pleasantly surprised me. I held out hope for a pleasant stay. And this apartment exceeded my expectations.
The interior was decorated in coastal style and maritime details. All was in harmony with the island’s vibes. A Nice little Mediterranean house with a touch of rustic coziness.
We were delighted to discover snacks and a coffee machine with capsules provided.
The apartment comfortably accommodated four of us, with the luxury of two bathrooms (only one had a shower, while the other was equipped with a toilet and sink).

Our host waited for us in Piazzetta, which was a nice gesture. It saved us the hassle of trying to find accommodation by ourselves. A much-appreciated courtesy.

The owner also speaks fluent English.

This apartment was situated within a former convent. The monumental courtyard ( that we had to pass by to get to the apartment) was impressive. I love architecture, so I adored these surroundings.

We also stayed in other hotels on other trips to Capri, and I wrote a review of my favorites. There are some true gems with swimming pools and fantastic views. So for more first-hand hotel reviews click here.

Hotel Ambassador, Marina Piccola, Capri.

Hotel Weber Ambassador at Marina Piccola, Capri

We considered staying at the Hotel Ambassador. They had a great last-minute deal in July. Although their rooms appeared a bit dated, the terrace with the pool area looks fantastic. The hotel is right by the seaside, in Marina Piccola. Excellent choice for beach lovers. It’s a 4-star hotel with a wide range of services.
Ultimately, we decided to stay near the Piazzetta. Because we wanted to be in the heart of the action during the evenings. However, the Hotel Ambassador has excellent reviews and high ratings.

I also recommend:

Consider staying in Anacapri. There are some gems in Anacapri, and it is generally more budget-friendly than Capri.

How Many Days you should stay in Capri?

At least 2 or 3 days in Capri during your Amalfi Coast/Naples holiday. In 2 days, you will get a good feel of Capri, and you can dedicate the third day to a boat trip.

Ideally, you would want to spend 3 days in Capri. This allows you enough time to enjoy the beaches, visit some of the island’s sights, and explore the shops. One of those days should be dedicated to a boat trip to see the coastline in its full pomp.

From a logistical standpoint, it’s quite convenient to fit Capri between Naples and the Amalfi Coast/Positano.

While it’s possible to do a day trip from Naples or Positano, it’s a far more limited experience. So consider staying at least overnight!

How to Get to Capri?

You can reach Capri by ferry. Ferries are operating all year round from Naples.
There are also direct ferries from the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento.

People boarding the ferry to Capri.
Dark blue seats on the foreground.

Ferry from Naples

You can take a ferry from Naples. There are 2 harbors primarily serving Capri. Stazione Marittima and Molo Beverello. The ferries from Naples operate with frequent departures.

Different companies offer these routes. Popular companies are NLG, Snav, and Caremar. They also have different prices and different traveling times. The price range is between 20 and 27 euro. Time is between 50 min and 1 hour 20 min. One of the fastest is NLG, and the cheapest is usually Caremar.

The closest commercial airport to Capri is in Naples.

Napoli Capodichino is the airport of Naples.
From the airport, you can take the airport shuttle bus, which will bring you directly to the harbor where you can transfer to the ferry heading to Capri.
The airport shuttle bus is called Alibus. It stops only at the central train station and at the airport. Travel time is around 40 minutes, if there is no traffic. But allow some extra time in case of delay and traffic.
You can buy tickets for the Alibus in the Tabacchi shop inside the airport building (landside). Busses leave with various frequencies, every 15 min peak time, and 30 minutes early morning and late evening.

You can also take a Taxi from the airport to the harbour. Taxis have fixed rates in Naples.

For further information, please check out my post on Ferries to Capri. You can find detailed information on how to get to the ferry ports and how to reach Capri from Naples, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, and Salerno. There is also information on prices and schedules.

Caremar ferry in Marina Grande At Capri. Huge Ferry in the harbour, white with blue paintings.

Transportation in Capri

You will arrive on the ferry at Marina Grande. From here, you can walk up the main square, take a bus, or board the funicular. If your accommodation is in Anacapri: To reach Anacapri, take a bus from Marina Grande or a taxi.

The Funicular

Capri has a Funicular. From the main harbor, going up to the center. During the ferries get in, can take some time to be able to get in one. This is a quick and efficient way to reach La Piazetta, A ticket for the funicular costs 1.20 euros, which is the same fare as a bus ride on the island. Buy the ticket at the ticket office, then get in the queue.

You can not buy tickets at boarding, so only get in the line after you bought the tickets.

Buses on the Island of Capri

Capri has an efficient bus system. Regular and frequent buses reach Marina Piccola, Anacapri, and also stop near the Piazzetta. The Busses are small as the roads are narrow and often steep. Not many sitting spaces, so most likely get ready to be standing during the journeys.
The ticket costs 1.20 euros, and a bit more if you buy from the driver. In this case, you should have the exact change.
Most of the bus lines are quite frequent: every 10 to 15 minutes during peak hours.
Capri has a unique system to board the buses in the major hubs. A sign above every line says the destination. You walk in between this fenced queue area and wait to get on your bus. Good way to prevent polemics, who was first, when the first bus fills up.

During the high season, no cars are permitted on the island (except those belonging to residents).

Taxis on the island are really cool. They are large, stylish white convertibles. I absolutely adore them. Cruising along the hairpin turns towards Anacapri, feeling the wind in your hair and watching the sea and the views, it’s a lovely experience.

Renting a Scooter on the Island of Capri

You can also rent a scooter in Capri. Although not many roads are where you can drive. But it’s still a fun thing to rent a Vespa. Drive to the lighthouse in Anacapri. This is pretty much the longest road trip you can take on the Island from Marina Grande. You can rent the bikes at an hourly rate. Or also for days.

Where to Go Next?

From Capri, you can reach the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento by ferry. Check out my Itineray of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello too.

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