A Photographer’s Guide to the Amalfi Coast: Best Photo Spots Revealed

The Amalfi Coast is a photographers paradise. Alongside the coastline, after every twist and turn of the road, a new scenery unfolds.

Planning your trip

No matter if you are amateur or hobby photographer, you need to plan ahead for the perfect location. To get the best image you also need to think of the direction of the light beforehand.

Knowing and reaching the most scenic photo spots is half of the victory. Good lighting is the next thing needed. The gear, though important, comes after these.

There are many classic and iconic shots of the Amalfi Coast circulating online. When I was doing stock photography, I recreated many of them. I will share with you the locations, to capture those postcard perfect views.

I know, this shots where done to death, but the ever changing lightning keeps it interesting.

You can always add your unique twist with some creativity. Most of my images were shot for commercial reasons and for travel magazines. Reflecting that style. My goal was to capture picturesque landscapes and iconic landmarks in vibrant colors. Today, I have more freedom to edit my images in a different style for my blog.

In this guide, I will reveal the best spots where I took my best-selling images of the Amalfi Coast. Of course, you don’t need to sell yours if you don’t want to. A fantastic landscape of the Amalfi Coast can make the best souvenirs of your holiday. Print them out to cherish the memories, or gift them to your friends and family.

When to go?

The best season for photographers wanting to document the region is winter.

The sunny winter days, are perfect for capturing the deep turquoise of the sea. The air is clean and crisp. You will find favorable atmospheric conditions for panoramic shots in dry winter days.

The beaches are often deserted in the winter. Giving a more wild and natural feel to the landscape.

But many photographers like the colourful umbrellas on the beach in summer. They look very characteristic. And will instantly give a care-free holiday vibe to your images. The umbrellas start to appear around late spring on the beaches off the Amalfi Coast. So if you wish to have images with empty shores yuo should visit no later than early spring, like March or April.

During Summer

If you are on vacation in the summer, you can still take fantastic images. Just keep in mind that it will take more time to get from point A to point B.

So you may need multiple days to cover all the best locations.

All year long:

While winter is the best time for photography on the Amalfi Coast. The second-best time is whenever you are there.

As a photographer, it’s your job to adapt to the environment and circumstances. And try to make the best out of every situation.

The Amalfi Coast is spectacular even in the rain. The heavy clouds will add drama to your shots. So, there’s no excuse for bad weather.

You will most likely encounter rain in early spring and late autumn.

Just go shoot.

Self-guided photo tour Along the Amalfi Coast:

The best self guied photo tour on the Amalfi Coast:

Simply follow the Amalfi Drive, and stop for taking pictures.

Most of the iconic views of the Amalfi Coast are photographed from alongside the main road. The famous Amalfi Drive connects many of the villages along the coastline.

Driving along the Amalfi Coast allows you to capture these iconic shots yourself in just a day or even half a day.

You can do it with a car in winter and beginning of the spring. From April to October is best to rent a motorbike.

The Amalfi Drive is infamous for its narrow, winding roads and heavy traffic.

So, if you plan a self-guided photography tour, I recommend you use a scooter. It will allow you greater flexibility.

With the motorbike, you will less likely to get stuck in the traffic. And it is way easier to stop when you see something that would look good on the photo.

There are countless panoramic spots along the way

Although parking is one of the biggest challenges on the Amalfi Coast, there are plenty of small panoramic terraces along the Amalfi Drive. Some are larger, suitable for a quick stop with a car. While others are smaller and can only accommodate bikes. These spots are typically located at scenic viewpoints.

At times, you may need to park further away and walk along the road to get to the best view-points.

Plan for the Sunset Spot

Tip: Decide where you want to be at the sunset. If you want to have sunset shoot of Positano, start from Salerno side in the morning. And work your way to Positano around sunset time.

If capturing sunset images in Positano isn’t your priority, or if you prefer daytime shoots, you can start from Sorrento. And drive along the coastline towards Salerno.

Getting Around

  • By Car: Best in winter and in early spring.
  • By Scooter: Recommended from April to October to avoid traffic and for easier parking.
  • Public Transport: If you don’t drive, hire a driver or use public transport. Note that it might be challenging to cover all locations in one day by bus.

The Best Locations for Photographs (From Positano to Vietri Sul Mare)

Ordered from Positano to Vietri Sul Mare direction, easy to follow when driving along the Amalfi Coast.


Iconic Shots of Positano:

  • View point with the Cathedral.
  • Positano (Sponda).
  • Spiaggia Grande.
A classic view of Positano with the Cathedral

View with the church: For the classic shot with the cathedral’s cupola, walk down on the Viale Pasitea street. You will find the best composition after passed the “Latteria” shop.

Sponda Bus Stop: The other classic view is from the bus stop. Where the street Cristoforo Colombo meats with the Amalfi Drive. Although this spot is mostly popular for selfies. Great, easily accessible panorama around. Worth a stop for photoshoots with a model too.

The main beach of Positano (Spiaggia Grande) is awesome for pictures too. Especially in winter time, when is less crowded. Its also one of my favorite place for nightscape images. The night view with the towering hill of Positano is fantastic.

The classic view of Positano from Spiaggia Grande / Taken with Sony α7 III and 50mm lens

Tip: In summer wake up early if you want a photoshoot between the colourful umbrellas. Often there are almost nobody around in the early morning, like 7 A.M.

Bird’s Eye View of Positano

The view of Positano from Hotel San Pietro / Made recently with Sony α7 III and 50mm lens

Best spots:

  • Hotel San Pietro and around
  • Laurito District
  • Parking spots before entering Positano

For the best views of Positano, head to Hotel San Pietro or the Laurito district. From these points, you’ll have fantastic views of the mountains and coastline with Positano on the hills.

Tip:If you find the spot on the Amalfi Drive where the steps lead down to Laurito beach, instead of descending, walk up the steps on the other side. Here, you can capture great views of Positano framed by bougainvillea.

There are a couple of panoramic parking spots before Positano if you’re arriving from Sorrento. They are marked on Google Maps as Tordigliano Belvedere and Viewpoint 8-Amalfi Dr. This panoramic spots have great view of the coastline, but Positano is only partially visible.

These spots offer great views if you’re coming from Sorrento. But, if you’re not, it’s not worth going out of your way, as there are fantastic views from the other side as well, like the one before the Hotel San Pietro. With better views of Positano itself.

Best places between Positano and Amalfi to stop for pictures:


  • Majolica Cupola: Photograph the beautiful church cupola. Parking can be challenging in high season.

If you have extra time to look around, don’t miss Marina ddi Praia. This small enclosed shore is spectacular.

There is a walkway around carved our under the rocks.

Conca dei Marini

  • Grotta Smeraldo Parking

If you’re driving between Positano and Amalfi, don’t miss the viewpoint in Conca dei Marini.

There’s a great viewpoint with parking. Look for the panoramic terrace above the entrance to the Grotta Smeraldo. From here, you can take an image of the little peninsula Capo di Conca. This promontory is a spectacular landmark with a historic tower built on it.

Fjord of Furore

Iconic shoots of Furore:

  • The Beach from the bridge
  • The bridge and the tunnel from the steps leading upwards
  • The beach and the bridge behind, from the fishermen’s houses.

Furore Beach is a fantastic and photogenic spot. This is the iconic beach of the Amalfi Coast with the bridge spanning over.

Plan to spend some time walking around here.

Most people walk out on the bridge and take pictures off the beach from above. But some of the best compositions are from the steps leading up above the valley. From here, you can capture the bridge, the tunnel, and the sea.

Car rental in Amalfi - To rent or not to rent a car on the Amalfi Drive? Image of the famous Amalfi Drive with stunning views of the sea.
The Amalfi Drive – one of my all time bestseller image, captured with an old Canon DSLR

For shoots with a model, go down to the beach and walk up the stairs leading to the fishermen’s houses.

There’s no parking nearby, but many people leave their scooters on the side of the road.

The bus stops right at the end of the bridge, where the stairs begin to descend to the beach.

The Town of Amalfi

  • Harbor View: Walk out on the pier for a perspective that looks almost like it was shot from the sea.
  • Cathedral’s Bell Tower: Capture the classic shot from the cemetery.
  • Pathways: Explore the walkways near Anantara and around the tunnel for unique angles.

One of my favorite shots of Amalfi was taken from the pier. It was wintertime, and I especially loved the creamy pastel hues on the houses and the skies. From here, you can capture an image that looks almost like it was shot from the sea.

There are several great viewpoints upon entering Amalfi from the direction of Positano. The walkway near Anantara is worth exploring. After climbing the steps, the path feels like a balcony walk with a great view over Amalfi. Or, try exploring the pathway built around the tunnel.

For the classic shot of Amalfi with the cathedral’s bell tower, head up, near to the cemetery.

Don’t forget to take a picture of the cathedral’s iconic facade from the main square.

The main square of Amalfi is almost always crowded. There’s always a lot happening here, making it an interesting spot for photography. From fruit shops selling Amalfi lemons to the San Andrea fountain, there’s plenty to capture.


  • Village Views: Stunning from every angle, especially from the Amalfi Drive near Hotel Convento.
  • Above Atrani: Walk to Torre Dello Ziro or take the pathway to Ravello for spectacular views. The village itself, with its narrow alleyways and hidden nooks, makes an excellent background for street photography.

Minori and Maiori

  • Road Shots

Some of my most published images of the Amalfi Coast were taken on the road between Minori and Maiori. This photos capture well the essence of the Coastline. Even if the location is not as famous like Positano.

Walking on the Lemon path between Maiori and Minori you will also find some great panoramic views.


  • Small Village near Salerno, with a vibrant fishing harbour

Cetara is a small fishing village close to Salerno. It’s a bit of a hidden gem, so you’ll find it less touristy than elsewhere on the coast.

For great photo opportunities, walk around the pier. I love to take pictures of colourful fishing nets piled all over. The village itself is also very picturesque, and you will have a ggreat view of it, from the jetty..

Because Cetara is less touristy, it’s also less covered by other photographers. Two of my images of Cetara are best-sellers of my portfolio. And have been featured in many magazines and blogs. Both were taken during the low season.

One is featured on the Travelmar site. You may come across it, when booking ferries around the Amalfi Coast. Also, last time I was walking in Cetara, I even found my image on a fridge magnet—Of course, I had to buy it!

Vietri Sul Mare

  • Due Fratelli Rocks: Perfect for scenic seascapes, especially in winter.
  • Historic Center: Filled with painted ceramics, ideal for colorful background shots.

Don’t overlook this village of the Amalfi Coast. You will find a tone of fantastic photo opportunities. For landscape photographers the Due Fratelli rocks are a must. It’s propably one on the best theme on the coast if you wish to capture scenic seascapes.

The seaside in the winter is spectacular, with colourful boats all around.

The historic center is filled with painted ceramics. they make for great background for shoots with a model. Or if you wish to capture the colourful details.